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The Typikon of the Russian Orthodox Church

Chapter 6: Concerning the Night Vigils throughout the year.

Let it be known that we have 52 weeks in a year during which we have a Vigil every Sunday. Thus, after we have counted all Sunday Vigils throughout the year, we have 52 of them. Also, we have Vigils for the Lord's feasts for every month. So, if we add these together, the total number of Vigils throughout the year is 68. Furthermore, there are other Vigils prescribed. These are celebrated according to the names written in the Typikon in their places and the wishes of the Superior when he sees that his churchmen diligently care about the salvation of their souls. There is also another Vigil to add to these, that is the Vigil for the Patron Saint of the church or monastery, and this one should be celebrated and never be neglected.

The background for these pages is the opening page for a 17th century, Slavic Typikon, from the Chilandar Monastery.