Links to my friends My friend Rachael's page, with essays, anime stuff and even an rpg. Take a look. It's in English.

Once in a Blue Moon Chiaki, my pal from Kobe, owns this page. Lots of stuff to look at. It's in Japanese.

Links to my favorite sites to visit

The Brunching Shuttlecocks A hilarious site with all sorts of fun stuff to play with.

Eight Bit Theater My favorite web comic!

RPG World My second favorite web comic!

You Damn Kid Another funny web comic

Sluggy Another twisted web comic. Enjoy!

Secret of Mana Theater For those of you who, like me, like the Seiken Dentetsu video game series...

The Onion A very silly "newspaper" to explore. My kind of seriously twisted humor.

Keypals A great place to find penpals, especially from Japan or America.

World Friendship Another place to meet penpals, especially from China.


Just Too Funny

These are just funny sites...weird stuff about Americans, games, etc

Redneck Neighbor A site dedicated to a man's horrible nutcase of a neighbor. Hilarious!

Dancing Bush Make the American president dance!

Something Awful A very funny site, but very sick and not for the easily offended. You've been warned.

Landover Baptist This is a parody of religious fanatics. (This is a fake's a joke) Intelligent and interesting.


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