Nara and Kobe

Aki and I visited Nara and Kobe to visit his grandparents. First, we went to Nara and went sightseeing to the famous temples there. One of the temples houses a giant Buddha sculpture. There are reindeer everywhere, and you can pet them. After that we headed to his grandmother's house to visit her and Aki's aunt and uncle. After that, we headed to Kobe to stay at his other grandmother and aunt's house. During our time there we went siteseeing to "International city" (ala Little World) and then up the mountains for the night view of Tokyo and to walk down through the herb garden. On the last day we went to Osaka to visit the original of our favorite chain of restaurants, "Hipness Crab." (Or, as I call it, "Giant Happy Dancing Robot Crab Restaurant," because it has a giant robotic crab hanging over the door)


Feeding the deer


Some abstract art in the pond near the temple

The temple of the Great Buddha

A golden spire on the temple

The garden

A detail of the temple doors

The Buddha. Sorry about the picture quality; it was black when I took it, and had to lighten it with a computer program to see it at all. It's actually bronze, and the backdrop fan and little buddhas are gold.

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