Kathryn's Great Adventure

Aki and I at Miranda and Nick's Wedding, January 2005

A note on my romanji writing: I can't make a line over the stretched vowels so I use these: aa, ii, ei, ou, uu.


My trip to Colorado, 2004-2005

Miranda and Nick's Wedding

My parents' trip to Japan

Miranda, Nick and Matt's trip to Japan


Nara and Kobe

Makuhari Beach Barbeque

My Apartment

Meet all my Chiba Students!

Graduations and pictures of my students


I also have a LiveJournal here, where there are more detailed reports. Most of them are public; you must have my permission to access friends' only areas. If you're interested, let me know.

Kat's Life:

Where I live: explore Kodaira or Chiba

Around school: Where I work, the people I work with, and reflections on teaching

Meet my Chiba students

My Tokyo students at graduation

Kat's weekly web journal:

this is only for the first months in Komaki; changed over to livejournal after that. All other adventures are stored there.

Side trips: places I've visited

Fun Stuff: Funny, interesting and just downright weird stuff I notice about Japan

Thoughts from the grocery store: originally in fun stuff, but it was so long it gets its own category.

Peculiar Product Statements and T-shirts: Interesting use of English...

Halloween pictures! Pictures I took during "Halloween week" at my schools.

My students in Komaki

My students in Tokyo during undoukai

A list of Japanese terminology for my American readers

My introduction for my new friends in Japan--basic information about me

Advice for foreigners wanting to work in Japan

The Best (and worst) of Japan My favorite and least favorite things about Japan. The best outnumbers the worst.

Links to friends' pages and places I like to visit

Please sign my guestbook; I like to have a record of all my friends who've visited:

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