Fri. 10/7

Today after school we went down to Budapest again. We got there early (and Rotary was late, anyway). So we went to a small restaurant and shared a bottle of wine. Then we got on the bus for Venice!

Sat. 10/8

We got to Venice in the late morning. It rained on and off through the night. That did not bode well for me, as I was in shorts and a t-shirt. It ended up being rainy and cold the entire weekend. But that was OK, because I bought a really nice pullover that kept me warm. Venice was gorgeous! Pete and I walked around all day in the pouring rain, but it was definitely worth it!

Tues. 10/10

Today was pretty good. In philosophy, a couple of people actually talked to me (they had pretty much ignored me for a while). It was so nice... such a little kindness is really appreciated!

Also, we had a firedrill today. At first, I thought a student was just pulling a prank or something, but when everybody got up and started walking out, I got the picture.

To top things off, a teacher talked to me today. Just basic stuff, like how I like Hungary, etc., but I understood and replied! Wee! I like to actually experience progress!

Thurs. 10/12

Yesterday, the family and I went to a really AWESOME theatre show - "Valahol Europaban" ("Somewhere in Europe"). It was about a gang of homeless kids during WWII. Although it was put on by an amateur group from Sárospátak, it really looked profesionally done!

Then, today, I got my *hair cut*! It seems so childish, but it was a big thing for me that I managed to get across (using a combination of sign language and actual Hungarian) just how I wanted it cut. I was completely alone doing it, too!

Tues. 10/31

Happy Halloween! I had my Halloween Party today, and it went really well. I got home and rushed around for 3 hours or so renting videos, carving the (very green) pumpkin, and baking brownies. Just as I'd finished, the guys showed up - right on time. Most of the rest of the people arrived an hour or so late. They arrived in groups, and each group brought a gift - some food or drink, so I ended up with more food than I began with! This is a Hungarian custom, because when people asked what they should bring (at school), I had told them not to bring anything. I don't mind!

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