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Cell Phone


The smartphone by Microsoft is the latest technology in the cellular world, it’s a mini mobile computer





The Microsoft Windows® Powered Smartphone is above all a great mobile phone. You can expect to find all the basic and advanced phone functions on a Smartphone, but what makes it the smartest phone available on the market today is the Windows Powered software that lets you e-mail, instant message, surf the Web*, listen to music, play games, and much, much more. The truly innovative Windows powered Smartphone has a high-resolution, graphical, color screen small enough to fit on a compact phone yet big enough to comfortably play games, view e-mails, images, and browse the web.
Packed with windows software you know, the Smartphone offers you full personal information management and e-mail functionality through outlook, a web browser in pocket internet explorer, instant message capability with MSN Messenger, and even the ability to listen to music and play video with Windows Media Player.

With this particular finding we thought to ourselves, “their technology was already developed as close as our technology today. They were already in the right path for the current technology.” Most of the same features are still been improved today. “the communication technology was far more advanced than we anticipated”. by Christian Velez


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