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Book I

The Favorite Path

Book II

The Little Man Animal here.

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Never take for granted that I don't know what you think you know.
Officially retiring for the web. I have seen evil, I have seen good.
I have seen too much.
I need to get my life back and I won't do it on the net.
Goodbye all, enjoy the story.

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Roots of Knowledge

If you give a plant too much water, too much food,  it will grow fast and tall but weak with few roots.

Give it a little water,
allow its roots to
search for its own food and it will grow strong and tall with  many leaves to embrace the sun.

Humanity is much like a plant. Give it all it wants and it will grow weak and needy.

Put humanity through hardship and obstacles and it will embrace life with strong roots of knowledge.

The Favorite Path

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