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Tammy's Big Adventure

Well, it's a little adventure really, but as this website will hopefully document, it will turn into something great as the months go on! Hi, hello, and welcome to Tammy's Big Adventure!

This is my creative response to God taking most of my friends on huge exciting trips this summer and deciding that I should stay at home in a semi vegetative state and sweat through the summer months without a pool until it is time for school to start up again.

I like to consider myself aspiring to be a cross between Billy Graham and Indiana Jones, only more pink and girly. The fact that this aspiration has been stifled by having nothing and I mean NOTHING to do this summer, has led me to wonder...has it REALLY been stifled? Has God put my intent to help save the world on hold by landing me in the most miserable excuse for summer vacation I have ever experienced in my life? Or is he trying to teach me something about the value of reaching people just around the corner rather than oceans away? Have I completely lost my focus on the awesomeness that home missions entails?

Well kids, I'm glad you asked. Here is my decision to honor God and DO something with my summer vacation!!! On this site you will find a diary section documenting my commitment to share the name of Jesus with someone every single day until I leave home and go back up to college. Somedays I may write someone a letter, somedays I may talk to people, somedays I may blow it and ruin my plan...but here it all is for you to read and hopefully see how God can teach us how to discover miracles among common everyday things.

So go ahead, click below on "Mission Accomplished?" and see what i did on a certain day, what took place, who chased me, yelled at me, threw their ramen noodles at me, whatever. Welcome, welcome, welcome tooooooo Tammy's Big Adventure!

P.S...if you are anti Christianity and want to tell me how wrong I am to do this, I can direct you to bigger and better sites that are doing much more damage against your cause, whatever it may be. Just the fact that I am doing this will probably take a huge chunk out of my self esteem already, so please, don't hate. Respect my adventure and my little haven of love on the web. Thanks! :)

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