Video Game Stuff

This is various video game related content that I've put together. Mostly glitches and beta related things. Expect spoilers so think before you click. Oh look! Something other than Resident Evil!.

Barring any new content most of the things here have already been posted on GameFAQs and Tumblr. But I'd like to collect them all in one place for my own personal reference as well as making it easier for anyone who wants to look at them.

Fun with Ocarina of Time: Texture pack fail
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
Some smurfy hilarity that occurred when I attempted to load a Wind Waker texture pack for Ocarina of Time on Project 64.

The Coca Soda Mystery!
Resident Evil 2 (various editions)
A look at the changes that occurred with the soda machine logos between different versions of the game.

Resident Evil 1.5!
Resident Evil 1.5 (early leak)
A short look at the Resident Evil 1.5 leak that I made shortly after its release. I have some other images to post but I'm not sure if I still have the text that went with them. I'll have to look.

Resident Evil 2 Demo: Fun With Keys!
Resident Evil 2 demo (PAL version)
Part 1 - Part 2
I kept getting errors with the NA version when opening doors with hacked in keys. So I had to switch to PAL. This is an overview of what you can see if you use the S, L and D keys. I experimented more thoroughly with the Biohazard 2 trial mod due to it being easier to experiment with.

Biohazard 2 Trial Edition Mod Version
Resident Evil 2 demo (Japan version)
Part 1 - Part 2
This is a hack of the Japanese Biohazard 2 trial by Dark Biohazard that restores some beta scenes, the 1.5 gun animation and some other various things. If you want to go exploring normally locked rooms with keys then this version is much more stable, which is why I used it for further exploration.

Marriage: Phantasy Star 3 Style
Phantasy Star 3
Marriage Observations - Marriage Tables
Some observations about the marriage system in Phantasy Star 3. It's a little humorous yet still informative. Maybe I was a little harsh on Lune. But that codpiece... What was he thinking?

Fun With The Ocarina of Time Debug ROM
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6
This is a copy/paste of the original Tumblr posts. Only consolidated into less pages and with a few minor text edits. The first page has some basic info about the debug ROM. I had to use two emulators, Project 64 and 1964, due to various issues I encountered while trying to do certain things. Part of this is beta quest. The rest is experimentation with moonjumping and equipment.

Wai Xing Zhan Shi 2
Phantasy Star 4 (Chinese Famicom pirate)
Did you know that such a thing existed? For all it's flaws it's actually a pretty decent pirate clone. I've played through the whole thing and provided a FAQ, walkthrough and a set of charts for techs, skills, equipment and items. I've also recorded every cutscene and took quite a few screencaps. You know, in case maybe three people are interested in all that. You never know. Mainly, this project was for my own personal interest. I love oldschool Phantasy Star that much.

Phantasy Star Odds & Ends
Phantasy Star (various games)
No Sprite Backsies! - Look With Your Special Eyes! - Hahn the Lefty - Tell Me No Lies
Dezo's Odd Shop Selection - Those Weird Krup Ducks - His Royal Chicken Choker - Child Labor
Like the title implies, it's just some odds & ends. Various little things that I found interesting or odd within the Phantasy Star series. To see what game each page is about, mouseover the links. Some pages may contain spoilers.