3/20/19:: Soo... My PC died back in February. -.-

My hard drive is probably recoverable. But for now everything is lost. All the content I was working on is marooned. Makes me wish I had dumped more pixel art last time and had sent friends fanfic previews. Backups were nowhere near recent but I should have a bunch of the really old stuff on flash drives.

I am currently using my tablet. Android is so weird. So it is hard for me to create content with a notepad clone using a stylus and a mini bluetooth keyboard. I am trying to get the hang of it. So excuse any typos. The keyboard is so small. And mobile Chrome doesn't seem to like the webshell much. And I cannot preview pages I am working on because the browser claims the irregular code is potentially malicious. Damn you Google. -.-;;

Anywaiz, one new fanfic. Of Immortality and Cockroaches. A it hastily written. I think it shows too. I was trying my best to get the hang of things and it just got annoying without mah Windows tools. Hopefully next time it will be better. But I may potentially be offline or very unavailable for awhile due to a housing crisis.

1/31/19:: Happy New Year! Just a small art update. A bunch of old pixel art. Five old gifts for Joe in original pixel. Two birthday, one Easter, one Halloween and one Valentines. Plus an old blinking Nei email button from 2003 in pixel fan art. I'd like to fix some of the pixel art that doesn't have transparent backgrounds. And hopefully the next update will have the things in it that I really want to include. I'm feeling very anemic. x.x

12/31/18:: Last update of the year. Obviously. I had meant to do a second October update but just couldn't pull myself together. And there was nothing for November due to various reasons... -.-

So I'm making it up to whoever stops by. Because this is a pretty large update. There are three Final Fantasy 7 fanfics up. A Christmas Wish is from 2009. But never published before this month. Down The Stairs and Snow Babe are more recent and were written in November and published this month.

There's also part one of my Lufia 2 feature. It concerns translation errors and glitches with location names. It's nothing spectacular. After all, it's a 20+ year old game. But it will be part of a larger feature with more stuff eventually added. As a bonus I put up the Video Omake to help pad it out. These are a collection of videos that show off various codes/glitches in action. I'll probably add to it in the future

There's one piece of new art. It's a She-Slime from Dragon Quest. It was done in 8bit Painter, which is a mobile pixel art painting ap. I can't use Flipnote Studio 3d right now because currently my 3DS has no battery. It asplode! ^^;;

I've added links for The Cutting Room Floor and Lost Media Wiki. I also fixed the link since it changed awhile ago and I didn't realise there was no longer a straight redirect. I also added my GameFAQs profile link and my AO3 link to the main page.

Other than that I fixed a few typos here and there. I fixed some capitalization issues in Questing In Valtessa. I think I got them all. I got rid of the Office Talk duplicate that I accidentally pasted into the fanfic section. I wonder how long it was there before I noticed it? ><

Well that's it! Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays! Happy New Year ect...! =^o^=

10/13/18:: So I went two months without an update. I had the motivation. Just too much stress though. But this is a pretty nice sized update. Three fanfics were added. They are Final Fantasy 7. I had recently uploaded them to And now they're here too. Yay. Behind The Door is from 2007 and Comradery is from 2008. But Everybody Farts (yes, that is the title. :P ) is brand new. I have been feeling pretty creative so I'll see what happens.

In Video Game Stuff there are three new Odds & Ends. All Lufia 2 stuff. I have a bigger Lufia 2 feature planned. I just didn't have time to finish it and wasn't going to rush. That will be for next time. I also fixed a few typos here and there across the site. You may or may not notice.

7/31/18:: Just a little art oriented update. Due to various unfortunate circumstances befalling me I wasn't able to do what I wanted to do here this month. So there's two pieces of original oekaki. A purple cat hanging on a crescent moon and a lamb looking up at the moon. In oekaki fan art there's Diana the cat from Sailor Moon. Well just her face really. And breaking up the moon theme there's Navi. In pixel fan art there's an amusing Resident Evil comic that I made for Joe's birthday a few years back. That's the only piece from this update that isn't from forever and a half ago. XD

5/31/18:: I didn't have anything prepared for April. So I dug into my vault for old stuff and put up some commentary I made about Resident Evil Outbreak voice clips from back in 2013. That's in Video Game Stuff. In Other Stuff I actually have something new. Fashion Duel! Alucard vs. Richter. And it's ridiculous as it sounds. Just a random idea I posted on GameFAQs. I also fixed the border on the Other Stuff main page. I hadn't noticed that the blue border was missing. I guess I skipped that one when I was rebordering. o.o

3/31/18:: Smaller update this time as for various reasons I didn't have time to prepare much. Nothing is new here as it was already posted on Tumblr awhile back. There's two new additions to Video Game Odds & Ends. Both from Sorcerer's Kingdom. And there's one new entry for Phantasy Star Odds & Ends. That one is from Phantasy Star 4. Better than nothin'. :P

2/25/18:: Big update! I dredged up a bunch of old FF7 fics. "Bar Talk" and "Religion Talk" in Fanfics. And "Tseng Has Problems" and "Sephiroth's Diary" in Other Stuff. There's also a new category in Video Games. Video Game Odds & Ends is basically the same thing as Phantasy Star Odds & Ends. It's just for other games. There are three entries as of now. Shanghai (Sega Master System), Fatal Labyrinth (Sega Genesis) and Beyond Oasis prototype (Sega Genesis). There are also two pieces of pixel art under the original pixel section. Tiana pixel dolls. I use the first one as a Windows user pic.

I've also made various fixes here and there. Fixed a few misspellings and coding errors ect... It's probably not too noticeable. But when I find an error I fix it. I also edited a few heading texts to reflect some changes and stuff. Again, not that noticeable. But I did add a blue border around the centered table on every page. I think it makes things look better. I had left the middle of the page where everything goes kind of floating in the void. I think it's easier on the eyes now. I'm pretty sure I got every page. See ya. o.o

1/31/18:: Happy New Year and stuff! Two pieces of art. So I opened a new category for animated Flipnote Studio 3D art to accommodate them. One piece is the first thing I drew with it. The other is a recent pokeball drawing I did that I haven't actually posted elsewhere yet. So it's temporarily exclusive I guess. Bye. o.o

12/31/17:: Last update of the year. I skipped November. But I haven't produced much content since October anyway. And I have stuff I need to work on and organize before I can do anything with it. ><

I've added a Brady Bunch fic to the fanfiction section. There's an explanation there as to why I'd ever write such a thing. In the art section there's a Christmas present for Joe. It's a Dragon Quest slime in a Santa hat. And that's it. o.o

10/31/17:: Happy Halloween! And also happy approximate two year anniversary to the reopening of my site! ^__^

I wanted to do a bigger update but got distracted. There's one new fic in Other Stuff. It's another Pokemon ghost story. And there's a new artwork under original pixel. It's a Halloween present for Joe. I've also fixed the URLs of two pixel arts (black cat & milk boxes). I can't believe I did something like that. But I did. -.-

9/29/17:: I've fixed all the Photobucket images. I'm pretty much 99.9% certain there are no more stupid P500 error images from Photobucket now. They aren't getting $400 from me and I hope no one else falls for it either. So all of the Wai Xing Zhan Shi 2 images should be working again. I've also uploaded a set of pikachu emoticons in the art section. That is all. :P

8/27/17:: Exactly one month! Nice. Anywaiz, I fixed the images on the Ocarina of Time debug ROM pages. These are directly from the Tumblr entries. So they are smaller and have some cropping issues that the Photobucket ones didn't have. This annoys me and I will probably fix it later. I also noticed that two images from the Broom Lady entry in Phantasy Star Odds & Ends were on Photobucket and that too has been fixed. Next I will get to work on the Wai Xing Zhan Shi 2 images. It's a whole other beast because I never uploaded those images to Tumblr. So it's going to be a longer process. There are a ton of images and only the character portraits are still showing up here because they are uploaded to Angelfire. Even the Subaru image on the main page was gone because of Photobucket! I overlooked it like the Broom Lady. But it's fixed now. I'll check through the site again to see what else needs to be fixed imagewise.

Various typos have been fixed on the mentioned pages. And I fixed a file extension issue for the first page of the Biohazard 2 trial mod. For some reason the page did not have the .html extension. I have no idea how this happened or how long it's been like that. Was it always like that? I feel so dumb for never noticing if that was the case. But I could have sworn it was fine when I first made the page.

In terms of what's "new" I've added an entry to the Video Game section. It's a smurfy texture pack fail for Ocarina of Time. It was on Tumblr just before I started compiling for the OoT debug stuff. But for some reason it never made it on to here. I thought I'd add it since I was already going through my Ocarina of Time tag for the debug images.

7/27/17:: I've been putting off updating because of the Photobucket no longer allowing hotlinking for free thing. Many images are not going to show up here now. I will get it fixed as soon as I can. But it's a real pain. Thanks a lot Photobucket. I've added two entries to Phantasy Star Odds & Ends. These are both from Phantasy Star 3. One is about the King of Cille and the other is about an odd thing with the Landen dungeon guards. There's also a weird little creepypastaish Pokemon story in Other Stuff. It was previously posted on GameFAQs and Tumblr. I've also make the Other Stuff page a little easier to read.

I've updated the blueneko artwork by editing the torso a bit. This was done previously for DA. The file extension is now in lower case letters. I need to fix the rest that are still in capitals. The oekaki applet saved the file extensions that way and I never bothered to fix it. Just changing them in the URL isn't enough to fix it. I have to do it from my PC. It doesn't even overwrite the old file when I upload it. I guess the case sensitivity makes them two entirely different files. I'll have to get on fixing this soon. It's really bugging me.

5/31/17:: I'd say nothing new under the sun but that's not quite accurate. I've edited too pieces of art. Chibi Sora and Twilight Neko. So they're kinda new in the sense that they're edited. In the case of Chibi Sora there was a mistake with his right strap being incomplete that I never caught. I just can't believe that. I also edited his hair a bit. Twilight Neko got a slight hair edit. I wanted to fix her tendril. I also fixed an odd coloration issue with where her wing meets her sleeve. Not a big deal. Just some touch ups that I wanted to do. There is one new piece is art. But it's from March and would have went up sooner had I not gotten floored by illness I posted it in a few other places before I put it here. It's a Like Like from Zelda made with Flipnote Studio 3D. I drew it before I fell ill.

I've also added Zio Senpai Will Never Notice You to the Other Stuff section. It's a Phantasy Star 4 sprite animation that I made awhile back. The link goes to Youtube. Phantasy Star Odds & Ends also got a new entry about the ducks in Krup. This was something that was partially done on Youtube months ago. So there's a link to that original video included on the page. Plus I started using my DeviantArt again so I've linked it on the main page. Although there isn't too much there that I haven't posted here.

2/28/17:: Small update this time around. Added one artwork. Puni! And another addition to Phantasy Star Odds & Ends. "Dezo's Odd Shop Selection".

12/31/16:: Pretty nice size this time too! I added pixel art! Finally! There's a bunch of them. Plus I've added one Wai Xing Zhan Shi 2 video to the Video Omake section for that game. It shows off more effects of the Lashiec battle code. Finally I've added one new entry to Phantasy Star Odds & Ends. About the magic and mogic caps in Phantasy Star 2.

11/29/16: Pretty sizable update! Two new pages of Wai Xing Zhan Shi 2 images. Which brings me up to eight. That's probably it unless I do an omake or random images, glitches ect... There's also a video in the video omake section. It was just a spur of the moment thing because I was messing around with codes. I battled Lashiec aboard the Ice Digger. I've also added two pieces of art to the art section. TP-kun and a bad joke about great balls. Finally, I fixed some typos there and fixed an issue with text getting accidentally bolded in the Wai Xhing Zhan Shi 2 section. I continuously screw up the coding there. Don't know why.

9/30/16: I've added one page of Wai Xing Zhan Shi 2 images. It's Rykros and various cutscenes. Hahn the Lefty was added to Phantasy Star Odds & Ends in the video game section as well. Not much of an update. But there are actually a lot of new images. I added some minus signs to divide page numbers/titles in the video game section too. It makes it easier to read.

8/01/16: This one's a little late due to various health issues. I just haven't had the energy to do much. But I've added a fifth page to the Wai Xing Zhan Shi 2 images section. It's dungeon images for Dezolis as well as the Air Castle. I combined them because Dezolis doesn't have much in the way of dungeons. A lot was cut out. I also linked my second Garuberk Tower door glitch video in the Video Omake section. I corrected a typo on the FAQs where I referred to the Weapons Plant as the Machine Center. And I added a link to Dinosaur Dracula in the links section. Oh and the update dates here are now underlined. Because I know that's something everyone wants to commemorate, right? That's it. You can go home now.

6/28/16: On the Wai Xing Zhan Shi 2 main page there's a Video Omake section with bonus videos. Although only one of them is actually new. They just weren't linked before this. I've also added some clarification to the FAQs under Known Issues. Clarification to item 4 concerning the Garuberk Tower glitch. The Video Omake section contains a video about it. A sixth item was also added to Known Issues concerning a back in time glitch that lets you roll the events back to a certain point. I also added some minus signs between links on the Wai Xing Zhan Shi 2 main page to break things up and make it look neater/easier on the eyes.

Other than that, four new pieces or art were added to the artwork section under Flipnote Studio 3D. So looking back I think this update was more productive than I thought.

5/31/16: I've added three pages of screencaps from Wai Xing Zhan Shi 2. There are more to go up and I'll be doing that over a few updates. There are just too many to do all at once. There's also a new section in Video Game Stuff called Phantasy Star Odds & Ends. I've also made a few minor changes to the layout there as well as a few little changes here and there to page titles and link positioning that had slight mistakes.

4/19/16: The Wai Xing Zhan Shi 2 section is up! I made some minor changes to Marriage: Phantasy Star 3 Style. Just added a few lines for clarity/grammar reasons. I'm also in the process of changing the background image, font and colors. You see, I can't see the font anymore. This makes it very hard to check my work on preview and live pages. I can't decide if the font I am using is too large though. It's not really oversized. But I can't tell if I like it. So I may or may not experiment some more. I will be going through all the pages section by section and making the appropriate changes. The main page tables might get a facelift too as soon as I figure out what kind of facelift I want. But it won't be radical. Just a variation of the same thing. I was really sick with mononucleosis so everything I was planning ending up being postponed.

1/31/16: This update exists for consistency! Looks like I've been updating every month since I reopened. So I might as well keep up appearances. There isn't much new this time. But consistency, remember? Eight pieces of ancient oekaki I dredged up from the well. Bubblegum through bloodraven.

I've also noticed that file names are case sensitive. I must have forgotten. It makes the artwork page and the actual URLs feel kind of messy since some file types are in capitals while some are not. This is how those files have been for many years and I never thought about it until I started uploading them here. I may attempt to get around to fixing that someday.

12/17/15: I just realised the most recent updates should be at the top. So I fixed that. I've also added six pages of OoT debug ROM goodness to the Video Game section and changed that section's layout a bit to make it look less messy. I added part 2 of Umbrella Emails to Other Stuff and two new links to the link section. I wanted to do more. But copying the text and uploading the images for the OoT debug ROM pages wore me out. It actually took a lot longer that I thought it would.

11/04/15: Added two pages about the Phantasy Star 3 marriage system to Video Game Stuff and five new pieces of Flipnote Studio 3D art. A nicely moderate update.

10/13/15: Welcome back! Open for business once again. There has not been a documented update since 2007 and the site has been "under reconstruction" since 2008. But I'm back now with a facelift and lots of new content. Plus a few archives to look through if anyone is interested. I might still be making changes here and there. But overall I'm pretty satisfied with things as is. It took me nearly a month to get everything in order. There's no update schedule. But there should be enough stuff here for now.

There are some new fanfics and a few older ones in the Fanfics section. There's a section for video game type stuff that has Resident Evil 1.5 and Resident Evil 2 trial screens and info. There's also an art section (don't get your hopes up there) and Other Stuff. which is well... Other stuff. Enjoy!