Other Stuff

This is well... Other stuff as in stuff that doesn't fit anywhere else. It'll be a mixed bag of random stuff. Fanficesque stuff that doesn't seem to me like it fits in Fanfics will also be placed here. Did I say stuff enough? I hope so.

Five Miles Deep
Series: Pokemon

Genre:Horror/ghost story

Summary: Another ghost pokemon story. It's written in the same perspective as the last one. And while it's better written than that I still feel like it belongs more in this section. I think the perspective has a lot to do with that. This is based on the in-game descriptions for Frillish and Jellicent. Namely:

"If its veil-like arms stun and wrap a foe, that foe will be dragged miles below the surface, never to return."

"The fate of the ships and crew that wander into Jellicent's habitat: all sunken, all lost, all vanished."

"Its body is mostly seawater. It's said there's a castle of ships Jellicent have sunk on the seafloor."

Warnings: I guess if ghosts really scare you...

~ ~ ~

So Your Friend Owes You 50 Pokebux
Series: Pokemon

Genre: Black Comedy/Sorta Creepypasta

Summary: This random idea popped into my head. If humans can become ghost pokemon after they die, what kind of things would keep them shackled to the world of the living? Perhaps the root of all evil itself.

Warnings: It's a tad gory. But not much.

~ ~ ~

Zio Senpai Will Never Notice You
Series:Phantasy Star

Genre: Comedy

Summary: This is a little animation I made with sprites and scenery from Phantasy Star 4. Juza wishes that Zio Senpai would notice him. But Zio Senpai is too busy being evil to worry about something so trivial to him. Poor Juza.

Warnings: Mild shounen-ai themes. Links offsite to Youtube.

~ ~ ~

Interview With Link
Series: The Legend of Zelda

Genre: Comedy

Summary: An interview with Link about his many adventures in Hyrule and abroad. Poor Link isn't very bright.

Warnings: There may be some spoilers for various Zelda games, including Ocarina of time, Majora's Mask and A Link to the Past.

~ ~ ~

Umbrella Emails Part 1 Part 2
Series: Resident Evil (Outbreak/RE2)

Genre: Comedy

Summary: A collection of complaint emails by staff working at the Raccoon City Underground Laboratory. You'd think with all the crimes against humanity they have going on down there first world problems wouldn't be a priority. Think again.

Warnings: None

~ ~ ~

Series: Original

Genre: Creepypasta

Summary: My attempt at weird creepypasta. I guess it's kind of amusing. Potatoes and zombie apocalypses. What a combination.

Warnings: Zombies. You know what that entails.

~ ~ ~

Forest Finds Himself
Series: Resident Evil

Genre: Horror

Summary: I wrote this on GameFAQs a few years ago after playing Resident Evil Deadly Silence as Forest. Lots of weird things can happen when you're playing as a a character that wouldn't normally be playable in single player mode. It's been revised a bit since then. I'm putting it here because it doesn't fit the standards of a fanfic to me. I wasn't satisfied with the way I wrote it and had trouble revising it without losing the structure. I guess it could go in either section though. But it stays here because reasons.

Warnings: Zombies. Plus spoilers about Forest.