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Video game links

My dear home. FAQs, guides and forums.<3

Great classic Phantasy Star site.

Another classic. Since 1997!

There's a lot of great stuff here. Sprites, walkthroughs, guides, downloads, comics, art ect...

The Cutting Room Floor
Site featuring unused/cut content from video games spanning various platforms.

Other sites

Fantasy Dress Up Games and Animal Makers

Dinosaur Dracula
Nostalgic stuff mainly for people who remember the 80s and 90s fondly or are just really into that sort of thing. If you remember X-Entertainment, it's run by the same guy.

Lost Media Wiki
A community dedicated to finding various forms of lost and rare media.

Website building links

W3Schools Online Web Tutorials
Tutorials for HTML, CSS, javascript and more! Very useful.

ZSPC Super Color Chart
Need to see what backgrounds and fonts won't cause your visitors temporary blindness? This is your solution. I've used it for years.

Online Image Editor
A free online image editor. It's pretty decent. You can make animations and it's really useful for making image backgrounds transparent.

Add text to pictures. This is so handy.

Word Count Tool
Paste your documents into this /upload a file and check your word count. It's very useful when you want to keep chapters under a certain length or need a certain amount of words and the program you are using doesn't have an onboard word counter. It also shows how many characters, sentences and paragraphs you have.