Frequently Asked Questions (which nobody actually asked)


Angelfire still exists?: Yes. Yes it does. Geocities may be gone but the majestic Angelfiresaurus still roams the internet plains.

Why did you reopen this site again?: I got really nostalgic while playing around with the Internet Archive Wayback Machine. Back in the days before the social media and Youtube explosion websites like this were very common and a great source of entertainment. I also felt a little bored with the nature of blogs. You can only do so much and it never felt as personal to me when I uploaded my own content.

There's something personal lacking there and while I will still put my stuff elsewhere it's nice to have a true home base for it. A personal website for my fanfics, art ect... is a lot more homey. Creating and maintaining your own site has something to it that blogs and social media just lack. But for the most part I'm mainly doing this for me and not to get a bunch followers (that would be hits and linkbacks here). If I wanted that I'd just make a Twitter or something. And I have no interest in making a Twitter account or a Facebook account for that matter. Honestly I'm not that interesting.

So why does it look like it was created by a 14 year old in 1998?: The answer is simple. Is it readable? Can you read it? If so there's the answer right there. Simple layouts are best. Especially for text heavy pages. Being reader friendly is the key. I don't need to put up a lot of fancy effects, autoplaying vines and Youtube videos and other unnecessary junk. I really hate that weird cluttered look. People used to complain about garish Geocities sites full of eye burning colors and over 9000 blinking gifs. But I don't think we've changed all that much because I'm still seeing blogs and websites that I can barely look at without getting a migraine.

Simple HTML is easier to edit and maintain. Coding mistakes are easily fixable. I'm not very good with CSS anyway. I actually like the oldschool look and I did it for the sake of nostalgia as much as I did for simplicity. It might be kind of ugly and overly simple but that's fine with me. Feel free to think this site is hideous. I understand. I really do. But I'd rather just use text sparingly decorated with a few images. I'll probably tweak things a bit from time to time to make them look better. It depends on how much I sharpen these rusty HTML skills.

I'm still playing around with things. Due to the way browsers and monitors have changed I had a hard time getting things to look right. I've settled on a centered look with some stuff on the side on the main page. This should help accommodate the fact that most of us have wide screen monitors now and many older sites that haven't been updated look pretty weird these days.

What happened to the black backgrounds?: I wanted to try something different even though a black background is easier on my eyes. I thought it might look nicer and fresher. But if this particular blue is too much I can always go back to black. Maybe with light grey text or something like that. I have a very bright monitor even on a low setting. And the background doesn't look bad to me. But I still might change it. Who knows. I'll have to mull it over. It might look bad with some of my images. If the text is hard to see (it looks fine to me) I can change it back to black. I'm still experimenting.

Why change the name?: Fresh start. Or rather a fresh restart. I don't think I told many people where I got Dark Synapse from. Synapse Guard was an enemy in Lunar SSSC for PSX (I never played the Sega CD version). It's a teal colored crystal looking enemy in the White Dragon Cave. I thought it looked kind of neat and it stuck in my head. You can take a look at Synapse Guard here.

Why keep the same site if you haven't really updated it since 2009?: I've had this Angelfire site since 2001. I might as well keep it. That way I don't have to start over totally from scratch. Also, people who still remember this site can easily find it. If anyone ever bothers to check up on it from time to time they'll see that it's still there. I was going to move elsewhere and leave a link on the front page. And I guess that would have made me easy to find anyway. But I think I'll just stay here. Many of the URLs are likely to be different as I move things around. But the main page will be consistent as always.

Is there any kind of update schedule?: No. Not really. I'll be adding new stuff and re-adding some old stuff gradually. I try not to stick to update schedules because they always screw me up. If I go at my own pace it's a lot easier. Besides, it's not like people will be dying for updates here. Just take it as it comes and enjoy. It's more fun for me that way too.

So, what kind of content will there be?: Pretty much the same stuff as before, with some minor differences. Mainly Sailor Moon, Final Fantasy 7 and Resident Evil stuff. Probably some others too. In addition to the fanfiction and some other writings there will be some marginally bad art and some video game stuff that I have on tumblr. Stuff gets buried so easily in blogs and I have some reviews and glitchy/beta/demo weirdness that would be a lot easier to find on a organised site. Although I won't be deleting things from other places for the most part.

Is that all? Are we finished here? Yeah. for now. Can't think of anything else at the moment. So we're done. Go home. Go on. Go. Shoo. Shoo!