Old Stuff To/From Old Peeps


So basically this is some old stuff to and from friends. You know who you are. There may be errors or broken links to fix. I'll get to that later. I'll probably fic any background or font colors I don't like as well. This page is subject to possible changes.

Dodavion's Dark Return

This is a story that I wrote for Halloween 2002. The town is being besieged by a zombie apocalypse. All of the characters are people who posted on the board.


Written as a present for Joe in 2003. A vampire and an elf accidentally end up in hell fighting a demon while looking for a precious artifact. It's based on a nightmare that I had. But I made this story rather lighthearted. Drakarn became a recurring character for awhile.

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Little Green Walking Joe

I wrote this for Joe's birthday. He's trapped in a fairy tale book with Drakarn.

From Hell! The Drakarn Saga continues

Guess who's back? If you guessed Drakarn then you win a Kewpie doll! For Joe.

A Nightmare Worse Than Hell?

More Drakarn for Joe. With Reno too!

Interview With The Grasshopper

From an AIM conversation with Penguin. Penguin has a friend. a grasshopper named Greg who lives in a jar of fluid. But Greg has some very bad intentions.


The sequel to Interview With The Grasshopper. Greg is back with a vengeance. It's a mecha-grasshopper plot to take over the world!


This was written by Joe. The upload date says 2005. I'm missing! Drakarn may be involved.

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