Not Too Terrible Art

Oh look! An art section! Some of this stuff is very old. I don't do that much art anymore. Looking back I can see where I would have been able to continue improving had I not slacked off. Don't expect any great works of art here. I thought I'd put it up here anyway since some of these haven't seen the light of day in ages. I am not afraid to post my failures either.

I think I'll keep the thumbnails for now. If it gets overcrowded I'll make another page or divide the categories into their own separate pages.

I don't really care if you put anything that isn't marked as a present for someone else on your page/blog ect... I'm not sure why you'd want to. But whatever. I'm flattering myself. Anywaiz, just make sure to give me credit by linking back.

8bit Painter

Flipnote Studio 3D (not animated)

Flipnote Studio 3D (animated)

Way Old Oekaki
Most of this is from Kero Kero Oekaki, which no longer exists. And why did I draw so many cats?


~Fan Art~

Paint FTW!


~Fan Art~