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Last update: 8/27/17
I have fixed a lot of the Photobucket related image problems. Check out the updates for more info. Due to the Wai Xing Zhan Shi 2 images not being on Tumblr it's going to take me awhile to sort and upload in the proper order. If you right click the annoying ads on the page it will take you to image on Photobucket though. So at least there's that for now. Very sorry. But I have anemia now as well as some stupid cold from the weather going from hot to chilly so fast. So I am a bit x.x at the moment.

I put up a texture pack fail entry for OoT that was on Tumblr forever but not on here for some bizarre reason. Next update there should be something actually new though. Wish I could update the look of the main page faster.

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