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Under Construction 2.0 Redux In Space!

Updated 9/22/15!
Welcome to my n00bishly rendered under construction page! XD

Been quite awhile huh? If anyone even remembers this place.
I've become kind of disillusioned and bored with blogs and stuff. The internet has changed so much. Things don't feel very personal anymore. So I was wondering what to do with this place (I bet no one is reading this). I might open it back up or go somewhere else. I'll have to think about it.

My initial plan was to fix up this site a little and reopen with a new style. But I could never decide what to do. So I just didn't bother. But I never forgot this existed. No way.

So if I do reopen this site later don't expect a 2015 style layout. I'm keeping it simple and oldschool because it's easier to do and honestly I think it's way easier to read. I might remove some old fics I don't like. I do have some newer stuff too. So later I guess. Maybe. ^_~