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"The next time you eat oatmeal think of android paratroopers." - CGR

Last update: 1/31/16
Happy New Year! *a lil' late*

Due to illness I was unable to do what I wanted to do again. I have been working on a FAQ/Walkthrough for Wai Xing Zhan Shi 2, which is a Chinese Famicom pirate of Phantasy Star 4. Why? Well why not. Sure it's probably of zero use to most people. But someday someone might find it useful or at least interesting. Plus it's mainly being done for my own personal amusement/satisfaction.

I also never got around to putting my Alys solo here because it's rather labor intensive to get together and I'll probably have to do it in smaller doses. Or just wait til it's all finished then put it up. Can't decide. So the only new thing here is some artwork. Eight pieces of ancient oekaki! Oh the joy!

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