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Nothing much to add right now.... still testing this thing...


Will and I werent talking to about two or three weeks. I noticed that he would talk all nice to his other friends, but when it came to me (or even Liv), he would be all smartass. I came to think that he wasnt even a friend, but just someone to talk bullshit and whatnot. When we first started talking, we would talk b/s, yeah, but he would still talk to me like a friend. Judging from what he told me tonight, I guess he didnt realize that he was acting like that lately. I dont think just anyone can be his friend, it takes patience and alot of talking to keep up with him. I'm sure that's understandable, knowing all the shit he lives through. I dont know, it wont take me very long to forgive him, even though I might regret it when or if his additude comes back again, but he's smart and I like to 'feed' off his intelligence. Well.... we all have feelings, genius' got to stick together, I guess. Ugh..

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