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Muahaha!  I'm back!

Angelfire, dorks that they are, decided to merge with Lycos.  This resulted in Raven not being able to update either Bloodflowers *or* Mystery Science Cure Theater: 3000 for months.  Bad Angelfire!  Angry Raven!

Anyway, after several months of angry muttering and dire imprecations (and endless fiddle-faddling) I finally decided to do a bit of a revamp.  New stories, etc. for both sites can now be found on this site,  and here are the links to Bloodflowers and MSCT:3k.

Vote for Mystery Science Cure Theater: 3000 at the EEEW HUMOR TOP 100

Another update!  Whooo.  this is a MiSTing done by friends and myself.  It's a Beast Wars story, complete with incomplete plot, bad spelling, and worse grammar.  Be afraid...

My Izdreth stories and Cure slash, including the Alternative Universe story chapters can now be found at

My more sensible work can be seen over at, just click on Nocturnal.

Slashy Cure fun MiSTing.  Click here.

MiSTing of The Cure's Let's Go To Bed

Join me for a moment of silence for the lost souls:

Tangerine Garden--It was one of the best of the best, Ta did wonderful work.  The good news is, copies of her stories remain.  If you are interested in seeing her work, let me know, and I will get in touch with her.

Cure Insanities--Twas a silly place, but the Roger/Perry/Jason stories made me drool.

Deep Green Sea--No slash, but it was a beautiful site.  Everyone still wonders about Lane.

This is just a basic set-up to get things going again.  Some people seem to think I'm dead, so I thought I'd stick this up until I can get something prettier going!  Love, Raven

Happy Fun Disclaimers:  All songs property of The Cure.  Stories property of the writers as listed.  My own work is hosted offsite, BUT!--Do not copy, steal, or otherwise claim as your own anything I have done, be it MiSTings or stories.  Plagiarism is bad, mmm'kay?  Now have fun :)

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