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19) Old Man Gomez - a Really Old Pirate !!!

Sent in by Alvin Lederer

Below is an account about the above man named John Gomez. He jumped onto a ship at 14 and was made cabin boy. He once was patted on the head by Nepolean Bonaparte . He was imprisoned in the castle in havana harbor, only to escape. Gasparilla the pirate caught him with a ship leaving mexico for spain. The pirates killed all the crew and only spared his life when the 10 ladies from mexico and the women from spain cried for his life. He became gasparilla's brother inlaw and was one of four men that lived when the pirates were caught. The men walked to mexico from tampa. He lived on panther key - Florida, USA (named because a panther killed his pigs) with his wife Sarah. He walked barefooted over coral rocks and could carry 200lbs walking uphill.

These are only a few things I know about him. I have a few photos of him. I live in Naples,Fla and I m a South Florida Historian. The old timers here are all but gone. They told stories that they wouldn't belive themselves if they didn't live them!!

Ho Ho Ho and a Bottle of rum...!!!

Quo Vadis ... where do you want to go??!!

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