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Sophia's Room

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Welcome to the Sophistan Journal

Satisfying your Propagandist needs since 2004

So I guess this is my own little part of the internet that I get to infect with my neo-marxist rhetoric. I think that this could quite possibly be the best thing that has happened to the internet since Y2K!Taxi Driver.

So my advice to you is sit back and enjoy the bitter rantings of a second year philosophy student tell you all about life in the ghetto's of her upper-crusty-white university town.

No matter what many of my compatriots said about Kingston back in yea olde days of highschool, I really like it here. I mean where else can you observe the native grooming rituals of the Ugg Boot Girl so freely and unconstrained? Not even African Lion Safari could garentee you an equally great show!

Aside from the slaves to corporate america, I also LOVE to bitch about the weather. It's always windy here, and when it's not windy it's raining shit.