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3/10/2003-Whoa! I's been a while since I last updated. Well, I changed the "Become a Keeper" page around. Come by and see. Also, I have added my costumes image map! My next blend challenge is up now!:)
1/12/2003-Whoa! I's been a while since I last updated on anything. Hehe! Well, let's see.....I have been working on my own layout for my site and making my own page buttons for my pages. I have added 4 new keeper categories (song keepers, favorite music groups, favorite TV Shows, and favorite actor/actress) and added a new page to my site (My Titanic Memorial). I hope everyone had a great New Year and a groovy Christmas! Have a great day and enjoy your visit at my site!:)
10/13/2002-I have really wanted a site of my own about Titanic and decided to have one! My site was officially opened on July 2, 2002! A lot of great stuff was added to my site and my good friend Lisa was there to help with some of the cool backgrounds and buttons! Thanks, Lisa!:)