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Shannon was sleepy @ 10:45 PM
3.18.2003 - I recieved 1 more blog site award! Thanks, Lily!
3.16.2003 - I recieved 2 more blog site awards! Thanks, Buffy and Katy!
3.7.2003 - I have now put up my blog site awards I won. You can now apply for my blog site award. Congratulations to Lisa for becoming the first winner of my blog site award! Yay! I also put up keepers of mine I have transferred from another site of me. I have also transferred keepers for you to request. They are the same list, but just moved them over here. They are the non-titanic keepers though. I have added a new keeper category(Male/Female Athlete).
3.4.2003 - I recieved my third and fourth blog site awards. Thanks, Bena and Lisa!
2.24.2003 - I recieved my second blog site award. Thanks, Torli!
2.24.2003 - I recieved my very first blog site award. Thanks, Marcie!
2.23.2003 - I added a graphic I made in dedication of the Columbia tragedy!

2.20.2003 - I have now got my blog working! Yaaay!