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Shadow_Hunteria's Journal

Symptoms of PTSD

If you think you have PTSD please talk to your doctor. Symptoms of PTSD need to present for at least one month to be considered PTSD.

PTSD=Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Post=After Traumatic=Life and Death Danger or a Horrible Violaion or Loss Stress=The Body's Alarm System Disorder=Interferes with Normal Living PTSD means that after that Danger is gone, the bodies alarm system doesn't shut off. It is like being stressed all the time. Here are some Chronic Stress/Alarm Symptoms; Terror, Rage, Abandoned, Pressured, Pain, Emptiness, Defeated After living with PTSD,one tends to have negitive strategies, which include isolation, Drinking and Drugging, cutting, sleep to little/much, and eat to little/much. There are more maladaptive coping strategies now listed here. With therpy these negative coping strategies will turn into positve coping skills. It is importent to recognize when one has emotional shut down thoughts/patterns. One should seek professional help when one two or more of these thoughts occur. These are thoughts one would have during an emotional shut down. -Everything has to Be All or Nothing -The Glass is Entirely Empty -I'm a Trauma Magnet -I Spoil Everything -Everything Goes Wrong -Put Off Everything untill Tomorrow -No Good Deed Goes Unpunished -Do unto Others Before They Do unto You -Never Trust Anyone -Give 'em an inch, They Take a Mile -Everyone's Incompetent -Never Let Yourself Care about Someone because they are Here Today and Gone Tomorrow -My way or the Highway -I will not be ignored
Facts About PTSD
-3.6 Percent of U.S. Adults 18-54 have PTSD -PTSD can occur at any age. -Children who are abused are more likely to have PTSD. Thank you for visiting my page at Angelfire. Please come back and visit again!

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