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More Interesting Than Anything!!
Monday, 13 September 2004
I fly through deep space, a mask is over my face

So I do a lot of stuff it seems like. I went to a museum. Saw a bunch of things that were artsy. I saw some Monet paintings. Some were pretty good, but others looked like they were painted by a blind retarded kid.

I also went to Mexico. Mexico is neat cuz it's like if your entire country was a swapmeet.

Bought Batman: the Animated series. It kicks a large degree of ass.

And now for no reason at all. A picture of Ryan fixing Colin's Playstation 2.

Ryan "GDI v. NOD" Davis

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Updated: Monday, 13 September 2004 8:42 PM PDT
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Wednesday, 1 September 2004
7th Sun
A lot of very interesting things have been happening to me lately. I've been getting all these changes, I watched a film strip about it, but that didn't really help. I guess I just have to go through puberty confused.

Anyway, lets talk about me. And by "let's" I mean "I" and by talk I mean "type" ofcourse. Recently I saw my friend's band play at the Whiskey, they were totally tight. Infact, they were so tight I tried to put some stuff in them and it just wouldn't fit (do to the extreme tightness factor).

Me and Ryan Nielson, a.k.a. the Fighting Mongooses, were walking down to Pavilions cuz it's only like two blocks away and because burritos were thirty-three cents apeice, and we found these tables. They were black and pretty spiffy, so we took them and broguht them back to our sweet pad (not Maxi, the type of pad that means "living quarters"). They were soo neat I tell you, that I said "I'm going to take pictures of those and put them on my website" and lo and behold, I did.

It's hard to shop. I only want to buy what I currently want to eat. I end up with a lot of chips and soda. That's all

The King's only King because you let him be,

Ryan "the King" Davis

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Updated: Wednesday, 1 September 2004 1:20 AM PDT
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Wednesday, 25 August 2004
Fuck all 52 States
So, I moved up to Brentwood. It's way better than where ever you live, even if that place also happens to be Brentwood. Now even though I'm gone I want all of you to not cry, cuz I'm never going back and there's nothing you can do about. If it makes you feel better though, you see my apartment whenever you want. No, you can't come here, unless you are an attractive lady. But you can see these pictures I have right here and now

I bet your aweso-meter just maxed out when you saw those pictures, I know mine did.

In other news I started at my new work yesterday. It's Starbucks, just like my old work, but this one is in LA. Everyone at my new work was like "Ryan we love you, I'm so glad you came to us" and I was all "I love you too... people whose name's I haven't learned yet"

Also! I bought 36 Avenger comics the other day, and some more comics on top of that. They were all the best ever. Iron man is the man! The man made of iron that is... well not so much made of iron but deffinitely surrounded by a suit made of iron. I don't care if he is an alcoholic.

Oh, by the way, you can check me out onmy space if you want. (it's called my space cuz I invented it, you should call it "your space").

I think I'm all tapped out on the ol' i-net today.

By the by,

Ryan "Five Marlboro Miles" Davis

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Updated: Wednesday, 25 August 2004 9:29 PM PDT
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Monday, 2 August 2004
Big Fish Eat the Little Ones
So, there is this guy who hangs around my work, his name is Peter. Peter is an old guy who's kinda sketchy, unclean, and everyone thinks is homeless cuz he goes around asking for change all the time. The thing is, he's not homeless. How do I know this? I drove him home Saturday night. It was a little akward, but it was also an adventure. How many off-color old men do you drive home a night? Zero, that's right. He told me some stories (which may or may not be true) about how he went to Berkeley (but didn't graduate) and how he has a friend who teaches at Saddleback and other stories which seemed very plausible i suppose. The funny thing was he only kinda knew how to get where he lived, so that was an adventure in itself. In short, drive random people home, it'll open your eyes.


This is Peter

Yes, he calls me Bryan. Yes, he has a giant growth on his forehead. And Yes, I am a very handsome young man.

Peace for Greece yo,

Ryan "Cram a Bastard in it You Crap" Davis

Posted by journal2/sett at 2:05 AM PDT
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Friday, 30 July 2004
Don't Bullshit a Bullshitter
After the success of Egg-Stock 2004 we decide to have Chicken McNugget-Polooza 2004. I ate 61 chicken McNuggets, I din't want to... but they were so tender and delicious I couldn't help myself. If you do not beleive me please visit your local McDonald's restraunt on any Tuesday for $1 6-peice chicken mcnugget day.


In other news, Danny took totally bitchin' pictures of our totally bitchin apartment.Click
to see them.

Before I go I must tell you all to read Avengers #500, and the latest Amazing Spider-Man. Two of the greatest comics of recent years.

Ryan "Removable Media" Davis

Posted by journal2/sett at 12:19 AM PDT
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Sunday, 25 July 2004
Ninja Scrolls
So I haven't used my greatest online journal in the world in awhile. The internet kind of bores me these days, I'm more into this peice of string I found. I did however want to inform everyone of what I've been doing with most of my time as of late. As most of you may have already guessed, I've been making movies of myself as a ghost. I'm pretty awesome like that.

In other news like events: Me and my colleegues... calleegs... coleges... friends have found a totally sweet apartment in Brentwood and shall soon enough be living there. True story. It is the best place ever. True Story.

I also bought Aqua Teen Hunger Force Volume 2 and the Sealab 2021 DVDs. They are totally intense. I would recommend them to all.

And now just cuz I'm a total fag, here's a picture i took of a bee in a rose.

Ryan "I am a robot" Davis

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Updated: Sunday, 25 July 2004 4:57 PM PDT
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Wednesday, 21 April 2004
Poolay Pooku Shay Ah Deshwa Seshwa
This one's for my baaaaby


Ryan "You only get what you give" Davis

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Updated: Wednesday, 21 April 2004 12:24 AM PDT
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Wednesday, 14 April 2004
Batman Begins
Like most nerds of the comic world I did come up with my own idea for a superhero. The name of my book: The Gradual Death of Doctor Justice. Now, I know you're thinking, "Ryan, what the hell are you talkign about?... and by the way, you sure are attractive". Thank you. And I'll tell you about my comic right now:

The main character is a man named Oliver Drake. Like most would-be superheroes Oliver Drake is a leading scientist in his field. Oliver lives in a world where superheroes are all over the news, magazines and seen on the the streets fighting crime. Oliver Drake wants in. He's tired of being a penicl pushing, nine to fiver; he wants to be a superhero. Being a scientist, he starts plans on a way to turn a normal person into the most power super person in the world. All his tests with animals are hit or miss, but Oliver knows that if he could just have a human subject his new super potion would work.
One night Oliver goes into the local pub to drink his frustration away and he meets a man sitting at the bar by himself. This man turns out to be a drifter; no family, no home, no one who would miss him. After buying this man a few, Oliver persuades him to be involved in a few "tests" for matters of "national security". They go back to Oliver's research lab... which Oliver thinks is empty. Oliver injects the drifter with his elixir. At first everything looks great, the man has super strength, super speed and even super intelligence. Then, all at once, the man drops dead: heart failure, brain aneurysm, and multiple other complications. Right at that moment one of Oliver's collegues walks in and sees the dead man on the floor. Oliver has no idea what to do and rushes out of the room.
Oliver had to disapear, he was now wanted for murder, he went into hiding. He spends the next several years, and his life savings, perfecting a belt that would turn him into a superhero. When he finally gets it to work he puts it on and does infact become a fantastically powered super being. He calls him self Doctor Justice.
Doctor Justice becomes loved around the world. He's able to stop villians other, more popular superheroes, had tired and failed to. he is truly the superier hero.
But after a few months of being Doctor Justice, Oliver realizes that his body can't handle becoming Doctor Justice. Whenever he uses the belt it deteriorates his body (and mental well being). He also realizes that if his body dies as Oliver Drake, not even his belt, with it's seemily limitless power, could keep him alive. The real problem is: Oliver is addicted to the raw power, respect, and influence he has as Doctor Justice... even though he knows it will kill him.


That's all for now.

Ryan "I Don't Know Either" Davis

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Updated: Wednesday, 14 April 2004 1:53 AM PDT
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Tuesday, 13 April 2004
Five Shot Venti Caramel Nonfat No Whip Extra Hot Three-Pump Mocha
So, I bought a computer. It's pretty cool. I thoroughly enjoy it. Here's the story of what happened when I went to buy it: I go to Best Buy and I tell some guy there I want to get this deal that ended that day (cuz it came with a moniter and printer and had some mail in re-bates) and he goes and gets it all for me. I proceed to tell him I will pay with my ATM card. Unknown to me I had some sort of daily spending limit on my card that would not let me spend $800, so I'm like "fuck". I tell them to hold the computer and such and I'd be back before they close. I went to an ATM and withdrew my maximum of $300 dollars, then Charlotte happened to have $100 of Christmas money (for Christmas or from Christmas is yet to be determined) at her house. That obviously was not enough. So, I called my good friend Nikos and told him I need his money. He met me at Best Buy and paid for my computer with his ATM card (though from the same bank did not have the same limit). I gave him the four hundred dollars I had on hand, then the next day I gave him four hundred dolalrs more. I also gave charlotte back a hundred. In conclusion, Wells Fargo can blow my gay-hole.

Nikos Pictured Below


Punisher comes out on Friday. He is awesome. When all of you realize how awesome he is, feel free to read my ample comic books about him. I even have the issue where the Punisher meets Archie! Infact, I have two of that issue. If you don't go see the Punisher this weekend I will throw acid in your face.

In other news: I just ate four Starbucks Sandwiches.


New Computer

Ryan "May Complicate Pregnancy" Davis

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Updated: Tuesday, 13 April 2004 1:35 AM PDT
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Thursday, 8 April 2004
Boba Booe, Boba Booe, Howard Stern's Penis!
I haven't written in my web log for a long time. This is mostly due to the fact that when I am online I'd rather spend my time playing Insaniquarium. (Most of you probably got tired of this game a long time ago, but I didn't) For those of you who do not know this game, it involves feeding fish and combating aliens. It's hours upon hours of fun.


Recently I've been thinking about something and I'd like to share it with you. I think we should get all the people on the Atkins diet to fight with all the Veagans. I'm sure they have a lot of conflicting views about the way they eat (which makes them a total prick all the time), so they should all just fight and kill eachother off.

-a side note: I ran this through spell check and where I had put "Veagans" it suggested that I use "Vaginas", spell check knows what's up.

I'd take wacky picture of myself doing stuff, but I lost my digital camera. Until I find it, you can have this picture which we have all come to know and love.


Oh yea, I bought the Critic DVD and man that shit is goooood. If you don't own it, buy it. If you don't have enoguh money to buy it, get a job you no good leech on society. And speaking of buying, I figured out I spend about $30 dollars a week on comics. That's more than a lot of smokers spend on cigarettes... it's worth it though. That way when I see movies like Spider-Man and The Punisher I can be that annyoing guy saying "that's so inacurate to the comic"

I read "Startling Stories: Banner", it's a four part series about the Hulk just going ape-shit and killing hundreds of innocent people everytime he becomes the Hulk. So anyway, there's this guy, Samson, who is trying to stop the Hulk. At one point Samson tells this pilot to shoot a missle at the Hulk, and this is the dialogue they had after:

Pilot: You're not gonna believe this
Samson: Try me.
Pilot: He's mad
Samson: Of course he's mad, that's all he's capable of being
Pilot: No, I mean at the ground. 'Cause it just exploded in his face. Now he's mad at it.
Samson: Really? Guess I was wrong. He's capable of being an idoit too.

Hilarity at it's best, go read it.

Ryan "She uses magazines" Davis

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Updated: Thursday, 8 April 2004 1:44 AM PDT
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