`..*..* Sasha's Story `..*..*

"I go about things the wrong way I am human and I need to be loved just like everybody else does..." Love Spit Love.

She had passed out once they got to the temple. He layed her to rest upon a discarded mattress in the corner of the room. His temple was just a run down abandoned warehouse that was on the docks. The windows were boarded up, and the doors had heavy duty locks upon them. The few rooms that he did utilize were nothing but a mess. Trash and other assorted items littered the floors. Though the room that he used for his main worship area was spotless, the books lined the shelves of the room, the altar was a sight to behold.

He had removed her clothing, then proceeded to rape her once more while she slumbered. Nice guy huh? Once he had finished with her, he dressed her in a filmy gown, one akin to the type they wore in ancient Egypt. She was after all his "priestess" his chosen one. Close to sun rise, he took her from the mattress and carried her to the coffin that she would share with him. Together they were in the coffin as he sealed it closed to protect them from the oncoming rays of the sun that would surely permeate the windows despite the boards that criss-crossed them.

The next few weeks for her were a haze, he had taught her so much, but not enough to know how to survive on her own. He did that on purpose, to keep her dependant on him and him alone. He would not allow her to leave the warehouse, he would bring homeless men to the chamber that she occupied to allow her to feast on their blood. His knowledge would be passed on to her as he saw fit. But when he was gone she would steal away into his chambers and read from the many books that he had.

Soon she grew weary of being under his thumb, she wanted to go out, and in truth he had started to bore her. His amusement factor had dropped drastically during the time that they had spent together. During this time she was also planning and plotting. Her Sire was holding her back, and she knew that she could surely do better without him.