`..*..* Sasha's Story `..*..*

"Goldfoot's machine creates another fiend, so beautiful. They make you kill, crawl on me, sink into me, die for me, Living Dead Girl.... Blood on her skin, dripping with sin. Do it again, Living Dead Girl..." Rob Zombie.

The strange man had dispatched with her "date" before she had even realized it. She kept walking down along the dark alley, her jacket hanging off her shoulders, her steps weaving along the wet pavement. She would pause a moment here and there to prop herself up against a large trash can. Her laughter seemed to echo in the empty alley, she had too forgotten about her "companion" all she wanted to do was find a place to crash.

Her head was swimming, seeing all the pretty colors and lights, she paused once more and then she felt the hands of the stranger on her, seizing her tightly as he brought her closer to him. Her screams were silenced as his hand found itself over her mouth. She heard his voice, it was a hissing whisper in her ears as he spoke. "You left...."

The events that occured after that were blurry, she did remember the brutal rape in the alley, then there was the part about the blood. He had drunk her blood, his teeth tearing at her throat as he feasted on her life essence. She remembered dying, the last fleeting breath escaping her lips as she rested in his arms, propped up by the wall behind her. Then the warmth of his blood filled her mouth, his words once more coming in her ear. "Drink deep my ssssweet.... drink my priessstessss...."

She had drunk from him, tasting the bitter-sweet crimson blood flowing into her mouth. Her teeth gnashing at the wound that he had caused along his throat as more of the blood seeped into her mouth. Now feeling more light-headed than ever, he led her from the back alley behind the club. Together they disappeared within the darkness that was the night and went back to the place that he called his "temple."

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