Sasha's Story

"We are living in the material world, and I am just a material girl..." Madonna.

She was everything one would expect, young, beautiful and rich. Her parents spoiled her rotten. All she knew was shopping, travel, drinking and drugs, especially the latter.

Pampered princess, Daddy's girl, and tempermental tease.

Paris, London and New York had been seen and done, she was looking for a bit of excitement. After awhile, the boys all started to look the same, she knew their game and knew what they wanted from her. But after all she was a tease, she was not going to give them what they wanted... She was no slut! Well alright, oral pleasure here and there did not count as "sex."

Word of mouth had told her about this new club that was on the other side of town, you know the side where no normal [one flavor, vanilla ] person goes. The tattered card was in her hand, all she had to do was go. It did not take her long to decide, she was going, she had to go. Anything was better than sitting around with all the suits and stuffed shirts of the so-called "good" clubs in town.

As soon as she stepped within the club, she could tell it was a bit different, like something she had seen perhaps in New York, or maybe it was Chicago. She had been all over, after awhile the places start to look the same. Music was thumping loudly from the sound-system and people were on the dance floor. The place was crowded. She found herself in the middle of the crowd, soon forgetting about any problems that she might have had, and dancing with a tall dark stranger.

By the time the night was over, she had enough drugs in her system to keep her feeling really good for the next few hours. She stumbled out of the club, unaware that she had been watched the whole time. She held herself up against the wall, trying to compose herself. Her "date" had long since disappeared and she had found another in the meantime. He was about as wasted as she was. Perhaps it was the drugs that had effected her, if she had been sobber at the time, she would have had a chance, a chance to run, a chance to protect herself and a chance to see that man coming.

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