`..*..* Sasha's Pets `..*..*

-Boa Constrictor-

Name Trivia
Egyptian God. Demon enemy of the Sun; pictured as a huge snake, he was the eternal enemy of Ra.
Called the Great Serpent of Tuat -The Underworld- this realm of darkness with its chamber
was actually the interior of Apep's body. The Egyptian's said he was responsible for eclipses
when he managed to swallow Ra's sacred sun boat. Not the same deity as Set.
He is associated with Darkness, Storm, Night, the Underworld,
Death and Eclipses.

-German Shepherd breed-

Name Trivia
A Serpent God of the Underworld, dangerous to both the Gods and humans.
He is associated with Death, Cursing and Vengeance.

A hippopotamus Goddess, sometimes an avenging deity. Her hieroglyphic sign was "sa,"
meaning uterine blood of the Goddess that could give eternal life.
She was pictured as a female hippopotamus with pendulous breasts, standing upright
and holding a plait of rolled papyrus -a sign of protection.
In her darker aspect she was the Goddess of darkness and revenge.
She is associated with the Goddess of childbrith, Maternity, Nursing Mothers,
Revenge and Protection.

-Out of Character-
The animals are Non-Player Characters.
They are ghouls and blood bonded
to Sasha Etoile.
But at any time they may come into play.