`..*..* The Rules IC and OOC `..*..*
The Rules

Rule Number 1
Mature role play is desired, craved, and wanted. Mature can mean many things, I am not here simply for cyber nookie. I want to actually role play. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy the nookie as much as the next person, but every day and all the time does get boring...especially when I am doing the work and getting nothing in return.

Come on guys, there is more than life than getting laid, and if that isn't good enough for you, please, I can refer you to some nice web sites for you to look at that have naughty pictures.

Mun is 18+ in years, so you better be as well. I will not role play with kiddies, the last thing I want is your Mommy or Daddy complaining that I have perverted their child. Anyone under that age, please...go visit the Disney web site and leave me alone.

Rule Number 2
I will absolutely not role play with you if you are one of those one-line wonders. I know we all started there at one time, but I have graduated to the big leagues. I wish for my role play partners to be descriptive, and I am not talking about writing a book, I simply mean being able to fill up maybe 3 to 4 AOL text blocks in the chat room. I don't think that is asking for too much.

I don't mind spelling mistakes, we all make them from time to time, but if you are going to spell the word "you" do not, and I stress do not, spell it as "u." That will promptly get you ignored.

Please do not do the following either: ::walks in:: or ::sits down:: That will not get my attention. If anything, and if I am charge of the room, that will probably get your butt kicked faster than you can blink an eye.

And finally, please don't go using large words that you have no clue what they mean other than you happened upon them in the thesaurus earlier in the day and you wish to impress someone with their usage

Rule Number 3
I rarely role play in Instant Message [IM], especially if I am already in a room and engaged in role play already. If you truly wish to role play with me, then feel free to come into the room where I am and give it your best shot. For the most part, if I am in a room, that means I am doing something already and don't have time to try to role play in IM.

By chance that I am not in a room, and you do IM me for role play, then don't expect me to start. You wanted to role play, that means you start. I play in a modern setting, not medieval or some fantasy land where faeries, elves, dwarves and other magical creatures exist.

Sorry, I will not change my charrie to suit your needs. She is what she is and that is it. If you are looking for a Demonness/Goddess/Hermaphrodite/Anthro creature...keep looking. And don't let the door hit you on the butt on the way out either.

For the most part, any information that is said in IM, is Out of Character, unless used for the purpose of whispering in a room. So don't get all froggy and decide to copy and paste my words to someone taking it In Character where it should not be.

Rule Number 4
I play a vampire In Character, and not one of those stereotypical Rhydin sort of vampires, but one that is based on character concept from the White Wolf gaming system of Vampire the Masquerade. If you do not know what that means, then please, go to the following web site : White-Wolf Online

I expect you not to assume that you know what she is, because, truly you do not. Not many know what she is unless they are close to her. That information will come out during role play, so please don't assume, we know what happens when people assume.

Rule Number 5
I don't need drama Out of Character. I come here for fun and relaxation. Yes I take my charrie seriously only because I have put in a lot of time and work on her and I don't expect someone that has a petty grudge against me, the mun, to take something from Out of Character to In Character to ruin a story line.

If you wish to engage me in Out of Character conversation, please do so in IM, not in the room where I am. The Out of Character breaks up the flow of the chat, causing disruption in the role play that is going on. So please, be considerate of that.

I don't cater to the perpetual victims. If you have problems Out of Character, like you were molested as a child, raped by a family member, suffering from some sort of mental illness that allows you to be online 24/7, you have my sympathies if those stories are real, but for the most part, people online use those as a crutch to get attention. It doesn't work with me. If you are not legitimate about your woes, then I suggest to you that you find a therapist and tell them, not me. I know that sounds cruel, but I am only close to a select few online and for good reason.

Rule Number 6
I do not believe in mun consent at all. Yes I know that sounds surprising, but what happens, happens. Plain and simple. I made the charrie to have fun. If by chance, and the circumstances prove it necessary, she happens to die, then so be it.

What I don't need is some yo-yo to come along and decide to kill my charrie for perhaps having the wrong color socks on, or some other ridiculous reason that they can concoct, like maybe I made you mad Out of Character and you are taking that In Character.

More to come!!

Follow the yellow brick road....