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Room Rules

These are the stated rules of the House of Safe Haven. If you cannot respect them and abide by them find another House to visit.

These rules are not negotiable. They are not up for room discussion. They are here for your review. You will be asked to send an email confirming you have read and understand these rules prior to becoming a member. If you do not like these rules, then on your Messenger box, click tools, then highlight Yahoo chat, then highlight create room. This will solve all issues you have with the rules of this home.

Web Cams are not allowed in the home. Please turn it off while here. Feel free to enter the discussion while here. Thank you


No serves or dances are to be done in open room. If there is a need for this please take it to a conference or Gorean Room. No need for you to thump your chest.....gor is nothing more than a fantasy based on FICTIONAL novels.....if you must ride whatever it is gor has to ride to get around...then you probably won't want to be here. This is a D/s Discussion room...not some gor "tavern".....take it on down the hall as Wwe don't have time for it....TY! If you wish to come in and join in the are most welcome...but if you feel you have to do whatever it is gor people have to do...then this is not the place for you...there are PLENTY of room in the category to suit your needs....TY!!!

Interesting reading:

1 Ignores Ffamily members of SH must obey the shame/ignore list. If not you will be excused from the family, however still welcomed to the room. Aall are welcome in here, we are all adults....Aall are free to join in chat, but please remember to be respectful. To visitors, just for your benefit and your knowledge, we welcome you to SH and please feel welcome here, but please do notice that there are a few select that the Ffamily will not enter into conversation with. This is there for a reason.... Wwe will be happy to chat with Aany and all that enter the room but them...This is not to say we are forcing you to do the same, you are welcome to chat with any in the room but keep in mind, if you wish to be a part of the Ffamily you will need to obey Oour rules. This is for SH members only. Let's not encourage the trouble makers by conversing with them...others in te room will see that Wwe are not conversing with them and will realize why.
(ty syl for your help on the rule)

2 Respect Respect, in the form of common courtesy appropriate to polite society, will be shown by all to all family members and visitors regardless of their status as Dominant, submissive, slave or switch. Everyone, should have the right to voice their opinion respectfully. Diversity of opinions are to be respected. Attacking or judging those with different opinions is inappropriate behavior in the room.

3 Double Identities If it becomes known that a F/family member has a secret double identity they are actively using dishonestly, they will be removed from the F/family no questions asked. Trust is of the utmost importance and you must know whom your speaking with.

4 PM's No PM's unless you ask permission in the room or secure permission from the sub or slave's Dominant. Safe Haven Council Members can PM F/family and probation members at anytime. If you receive unwanted PM's deal with them by using the ignore button so as not to disrupt the activity in the room. If the uninvited pm is offensive in language or threatening, then and only then will you need to take it to a Master/Mistress in the Home and will be asked to show proof of such abuse.

5 Grievances Personal grievances and disputes are to be kept private, regardless of whether the dispute involves Dom/mes, subs, slave, etc. If parties are unable to reconcile and be civil, the Council can be called upon to mediate the dispute.

6 Protection The subs / slaves, that are not protected by a Master / Mistress, are automatically granted protection by the Council. It is the responsibility of the Council Masters / Mistress to look out for their well being.

7 Scening No scening of a sexual nature is permitted. Keep behavior within the norms of what would be accepted in a public place. Displays of affection are permitted as long as they fall within the bounds of acceptable public behavior. Cursing and the describing of sexual D/s or BDSM activities in the chat room in graphic details with role playing is not acceptable behavior in this room, whether in post, or voice chat.

8 Discussion Discussion of topics takes precedence over light banter. Please respect discussion topics and keep banter to a minimum when there is an active topic. When a discussion is expected that the play STOP immediately!

9 Problems This is not a the local beauty shop, gossip will not be tolerated nor will attention getting growls or pouts. You are an adult, act like one.

10 Punishment No Dominant, Family Member or Visitor shall punish any submissive/slave unless that person is under their care. All punishment or discipline will be done privately so as not to disrupt the Home. Any issues with continuing behavior of submissives should be directed to the submissive's Dominant, or to the Council if the submissive is not collared or otherwise under the authority of a specific Dominant. Behavior by Dominants that would be considered non-consensual or overbearing with regard to punishment, discipline or misuse of their power must be brought to the attention of the Council as soon as possible.

11 Touching Allowing touching of any type is an inherently consensual decision. As a matter of honor and respect, seek permission first from the other party unless you have a prior arrangement. Refusal of permission is to be respected.

12 Probation Prospective member asks a full member of the Home for a pm to ask about the Home and the F/family. New members will be observed by the F/family member for no less than 2 weeks. After which time the F/family member will bring the prospective member to their Council Member and they will "interview" them. The prospective member will then be placed on a minumum of 30 days probation, with the understanding that it can be extended if the Council see fit.

These are just some of the problem areas that have been addressed here. There will be others added as needed. It's quite simple...act your age. W/we try to make this Home as close to real life as possible for there are T/those who are..or soon will be R/T. Even if it is not possible for you in your situation, W/we trust you are here to learn and discuss as an adult. These rules may seem to be a bit harsh, but seeing as M/many are entering and O/our only way of getting to know you is through your actions...for they indeed speaking loudly.. it is imperative that you conduct yourself in such a manner that is befitting your position. This is not roleplay, if that is your bag, then pick it up and move on. If you are here to learn and/or contribute, then by all means stay and become a vital part. Those interested in membership in the House should contact a Family member for information on membership requirements and procedures or refer to our Membership link.

Please email me a note letting me know you have read these rules. Include your sponsor when you do as well as your Yahoo ID.