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INFO MACHO NACHO GROUCHO CROUCHO CROCHO THO ORS is not responsiible for your actions only you can be responsible for that ...
the ors is you, only if you are a member and only then each induvidual is his or her own suborder
the ors has the right to disown you at any given time without giving any info as to why.
the ORS will only disown you if you are a dumb shit and are only joining the order to excuse your own idiocy and behaviour
we teach that you are responsible for your behaviour not any one else not even your mentour dont be a space monkey or a obedient dog, be the cat or whatever animal you see as an independant selfsufficient animal that takes responsibility for its own actions.
we are not satanic or left hand path nor are we right handed... we just are and its your decision to be what you wish.
3*7=21 figure it out... 3+7=10, 7-3=4, 3/7=2.3333333... figure it out!
i cannot demand that you think for your self then you would be following my demands.

Answer: 21+10+4+2.333...=37.33333... heeheehee its still deeper than this though FIGURE IT OUT!