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RANDOM convictions

orange juice is good

RANDOM convictions is a newsletter zine of total lack of wakefulness RANDOM convictions beef jelly could be the next thing but who can really tell.


the time is neigh the time has passed the time is NOW.

some monkeys eat kittens

gotcha gimmie do not shimmy golden glitter kitty litter

flamingo blue gerbils in my soup!!!!

well this was all started by a small idea, now get this, this idea was based on the old chaos magic paradigm of random belief but i didnt think that calling the zine "random belief" was interesting enough of a name... sooo i pulled out my trusty thesaurus and looked up "believe" and found many a word for "believe" but none so fine ... mighty fine, as "conviction" so on a whim i decided this would be thy name ...."RANDOM convictions" and all who read would be random convicts trapped forever in a world of beliefs and only their own to hold on to. none with beliefs exactly the same, "convicts of convictions" you could say... but who really knows a truth because arent they really all lies??thus making the invalid, valid.... convictions cause convicts.

full flogging fun

go and free your mind with random convictions.