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God Alrighty...

Alysen Wrote:
those(god, the devil and the origins of good and evil) are questions philosophers have been battling with for years...
now for me to answer this you have to take into assumption that i believe in god (which i don't):
however, God is all and many people believe that God is pure good...most people also make the distinction between God and the devil...the three of these are are various ways to deal with this problems...
(1) God isn't all, some people believe that God is pure good, but never make the distinction that God is ALL
(2) God is all- which makes God both good and evil; therefore there is no good or evil
(3) God is all - which makes God both good and evil; however, God is in fact both God and the Devil. However, people make the distinction between God and the Devil b/c it is easier to make the distinction and believe in a purely good being and a purely evil being, but really both God and the Devil are two halves of the same being
Another idea is - the concepts of good and evil are so abstract that in their true forms we wouldn't be able to recognize what is good and what is evil...therefore, the concepts are simplified down to levels that we can recognize and understand...
Also, both God and the Devil represent both Good and Evil, but because we have these simplify the concepts of Good and Evil, we also simplify the concepts of representation of Good and Evil and therefore limit God to Good and the Devil to Evil, when really they are both
What do you think about that?
yes but what if i were to say every theory is equally False and thus equally True that the only thing we can rely on is whats inside of us and what works for us because what works for one... well you know the rest. i guess the real question isnt if god is both good and evil but why do we have to humanize our deities and ultimatetly every thing around us by giving them definitions and names and boundries when the only bounds there are exist only in our imaginations there are no such things as life or death, good or evil, God or Devil, Human or Beast... we are merely imaginations of our selves in a dream long forgotten... and given up on... i hate to be so bleak but to question God is to question Ourselves... because god is Our dream and if all We experience is a dream then god is a dream within a dream... and Then Nothing is true well atleast for us and Nothing is cretain not even the "stagnant and stale dream" we so easily call reality. -NIZ

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