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Issues1-3 Issues 4-?

Issue 4: intoxicated and just lovely©

my in box said i had a new email and yet i didnt or maybe i do but i just cant see it ... it surely is a possibility shirly....mmmm..... *sigh* well its not late night actually its 3 in the afternoon.... and yet gnosis is upon me... of course its chemgnosis but none the less gnosis... you can buy the stuff i used at planet k its perfectly legal. its called Sativah smoking herbs... i always feel i must be productive when i smoke. i think i uhhh... just wanted to say sometghing .lucidity is a side effect.... lucid.... ... ... ..... hamtaro is on go wathc hi uhhh sorry bout that i uhh... yeah ill leave it like that... lucidity.... lucy diddy was a good fiend... aalmtar-oh is over,... tomorrow is another epidemic... purity is a quest not a gift or a given.. let it come oh godzovkaos ... ..........................................................glee... seat sweat sweet seem seal saly struthers and mark mothers...baugh eternal spiral dance the whirly bird tilt go round scrambler eggs in a basket and high as a kite i got a phone call and will try-d to act normal.... but muy confucius.... yes he was a good man that lizard man was and now he is me i ?????????????? 456*1999(lie to them and say your thomas theyll laugh at you and say hes dead but he really isnt hes here wuith me....) mr george is a funny person witha big nose like a bell will smith now theres a man with sell out style but hes in premanufactured good movies and he laughs cause Thomas is dead... soliliquie....toby or not toby... *snickers* MRS POT-atoe HEAD laughs at me cause i think toomase iws alibe i got another call and i think ann landers should have her own fone line cause thats what i think and i told the person on the pone that and he laght cause AN Flangers is not dead but tomas is....

Issue 5: a ghost issue... ooooo spooky....

Issue 5.5: Wax Barbies the Voo and the Doo

okay once i find out what happened last time ill send it out i did 
one, i think i even saved it, issue five, oh well... issue five will 
be the gohst issue heres the update im now living with my dad from 
monday through wed. and my mom wed.-thrus./fri. okay lemme explain 
this... my mom and her boyfriend aret the sharpest knives in the 
cutlery set and they are very weirded out by some of the shit i do my 
brothers cool though and he understands(hey TREB), they still dont 
know i smoke odd shit like catnip and that wonderfull blend called 
sativah that i seem to be having a hard time trying to find really i 
am i went to planet k and they said they never carried it (which is a 
lie because this is where i bought it in the first place!!) and then 
i went to the gas pipe and they dont really carry blends just the 
herbs and not all the stuff in my blend ... but they do carry salvia 
no not saliva SALVIA! its ok i thought it was that but soon found out 
it wasnt some friends thew me a little bash for my birthday and that 
was fun it really was i wish we had more time though thanks guys!!!  
(sorry about the mundanity of this issue im conserving the sativah 
and just smoked a bit o catmint that was in my ecsacy cig... and its 
really not cuttin it! oh well...) and for those of you who are 
regulars on the site im sorry i havent updated in about a month but 
hard times y'know?? i havent really gotten a chance to settle down im 
either going to kathys house or goin to my dads (who by the way 
doesnt have a computer but its okay) going to make a call on the pay 
phone near my dads house (for those of you in the know... that means 
you tried to call me at my dads last week... you already know my dads 
phone was cut off for a while for some unknown reason... its fixed 
now guys!) or im trying to stay sane with my mom always checking up 
on me/ or the heat bearing down on me as my dads home lacks air 
conditioning/ or the constant static and/or rolling as the tv cuts 
out (and i really do need some back ground noise/motion as i 
read/listen to music) *brain fart* any how im tired and need some 
slack send slak this way guys i need it in the mundanity of the 
apartment my mother calls home as of now i dont feel at home in 
either of the houses i currently inhabit but am trying to make the 
best of things... 
send slack and hope and your underwear....
i could use some...
its your choice
WAX VOODOO BARBIES Go to Hollywood!!!!
btw... for those of you new to this, this is RANDOM convictions and i 
am NIZA CORVAN (aka peter c.) i either got your email from someone or 
you yourself.... any how im gonna go okay??
im goin home!