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issues 1-3 issues 4-?

some times i want to write but i dont know what to say and than when 
i do i get the words all jumbled up i was just wondering how you are 
doing all of you hoping to keep some kind of kontakt (heheheeeeee)
its lat kathy i bet your wonding just why im up so late and not in 
bed with you but alas i cannot sleep just some interesting facts i 
1. when you cant sleep you feel compelled to keep your mind occupied
2.sleep deprivation can lead to some interesting discoveries about 
your self (possibly due to gnosis possibly due to boredom... more on 
that later ... or not...)
3.when in a state of gnosis you must be prepared for odd things as 
you have not only a focused mind but honed senses...
4.jiggly puff is not my friend
5.the doktors tell me so...
6.piggly wiggly and a hey nonny nonny...
7.the psychic sensor will philter out things so i must get it all 
8.who cares..9. is a good colour so is 5 and 23
10.some might even add 42
11. itall up to you pu
12who is dennise austin.
13upsidedown its always fun
5.1 frop m,e up buddy!!!
18,19 and20.sleep come to me...
21.lucidity is a good stuff..
23?"nothing is true every thing is permissable..."

beLIEve and you will succeed

dont believe the human eye
in sunlight or in shade
the puppet show of sight and sense
is the devils masquerade

we have to believe in our free will:
we have no choice in the matter.

as flies to wanton boys, are we to the gods:
they kill us for their sport.

			 nothing is 
		      nothing becomes 
		       nothing is not

"to rest at any point either in intuitive certainty or doubtful 
questioning ... is to stagnate. always seek a higher vision ... ask 
the next question. seek the higher vision that is the path 
that unites mysticism and rationalism, and trancends both of them. as 
the great poet has written:

we place no reliance
on virgin or pigeon
our method is science
our aim is religion

a paradox, a paradox
a most ingenious paradox

Iod He Vau He

"if god is all, how can I be evil?"
			-charles manson

well if i bored you i have succeeded...
well if i have entertained you i have succeeded
if i have enlightened you i have succeeded
if i have done nothing for you then i have succeeded
kill bob! praise bob! hail eris! mu!
**There are direct quotes from the book Masks of the Illuminati
by RAWilson and i make no cliam to the copyright thereof**

ISSUE 2: "Bob" and the Cromagnon
Who IS "Bob"?
bob is			-noone
bob becomes		-noone
bob is not		-noone

who is this man who has an insatiable love for the dead

did you ever look up into the nights sky and in a moment of clarity 
realize that we are so tiny that we dont matter and not only that an 
advanced race of alien beings could easily come to visit us and 
shaped out history without us even knowing??

have you ever been sea side and looked out to the vast seemingly 
infinite great blue void before you and wondered if there were things 
down there that were not of this world and have been there for 
millions of years plotting for when the "stars were right" to 
repopulate the surface world??

on a lighter note...
i recommend this little band out of ny by the name of
Dead Moon Circus you can find some down loads on

"tis better to be a wise ass than a dumb shit"

 [|-> )
a cromagnon smiley

there is a strong belief by some that nursery rhymes were actually 
alchemical formulas and others say they are pagan still others say 
kabbalist formulations and then there are those who dont believe that 
they are at all.

i am known by many names
son of the dark prince, child of darkness, some call me the later boy 
of doom. others will know me as the second coming of damnation.......
my mom calls me PEPITO.

MIGHTY FUCK!!! that wasnt just GAS!!!!
it was...

      if you can read this
	you can read
but theres a slim chance you have 

and on that note hope to hear from those of you who are literate and 
legible soon.
-peter cisneros
**There are direct quotes from the graphic novel Sqee's Wonderful
Giant Book Of Unspeakable Horrors
by Jhonen Vasquez and i make no claim to the copyright thereof**

ISSUE 3: JHVJ-1 and THE Question
What is god and for that matter, what defines good and evil
Where do these abstract ideas come from and why do we have them
In the first issue I quoted Charles Manson who said 
“If God is all then how can I be evil”
assuming that god is “good” but how can this be if 
indeed God is all then wouldn’t God be both “good” and
 “evil” so in these terms what is good and what is 
evil could it be that there is no truth to the good 
and evil phenomenon?? That it is only a creation of 
the duality of our brain and if this is true is there 
a God?? Could it be that in our attempt to define good 
and evil we also created the logical fallacy that is 
god? To say god is good god is all is to say all is 
good … but the truth of it is all is not good actually 
most of it isn’t good are we supposed to accept this 
lie?! Ponder on this a second and you will surely see 
the error in this thought process we have devised as a 
CULTure. Some say that god is only the good stuff… 
then who placed all this evil here?? The devil?? This 
is merely humanity’s attempt to justify itself. As 
below so above… god is merely mans way of justifying 
itself. To call a “supreme being” good or evil is to 
humanize it. If it is a supreme being isn’t it then 
beyond our earthly explanation, to say god loves us or
 to say the devil hates us is another fallacy *SUPREME 
There is a light side to all of this there is a 
possibility god(s) (do)es exist but only because we 
allow It/Them to exist we invest belief personally I 
think if we allow it/them to exist then it/they are 
user defined (I use “user” for a reason… you’ll see..)
then they are not supreme beings so much as they are 
not without flaw and are subject to blame for good and 
bad. the only god that can be supreme is the one that 
warrants no worship, no sacrifice, no guilt by 
association, nothing. The kind of god(es(s)) that will 
tell you there is no LAW! And NOTHING is true! That 
ANYTHING is POSSIBLE in this world!! There are only 
the laws that WE(the humans) make. As the bible says 
(and this is from the New Oxford Annotated Bible)quote:
Then the Lord God said, “Behold, the man has become like one of Us,* knowing good and evil; and now, lest he put forth his hand and take also from the tree of life, and eat, and live forever”-
Now I’m sure your thinking “what do you mean when you quoted this doesn’t it counter what you’ve said” NO it doesn’t I never said god didn’t know of good and evil I merely said (S)He/IT** was beyond it and to say “like Us” implies we are like gods to know of good and evil and to be beyond it. ---------------------------- *end* -alternitavely- id like to know your comments esp. if you think I’m a total wacko or dead on right... ill post your comments on the site possibly... *who is this ominous “Us” **Put all the capitals together what do you spell -Niz "If child molestation is actually your concern, how come we don't see Bradley tanks knocking down Catholic churches?" - in reference to the Waco siege - Bill Hicks
**There is a direct quote from The New Oxford Annoted Bible: Genesis 3:22**