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The world of Purevil

I live in the butt crack of no where known as Jasper AL. There is nothing to do at all. I love writting and music. I am working on a band project with some local guys. I have been in bands before with minimal sucess. Most well noted was the band Blind History. They are still playin and I wish them luck. The band I am working on now is called Ism. We are trying to work out some originals, we don't wanna play any covers, and hopefully we will be playing in Birmingham soon. There are people in Birmingham who like our music. No offence to the people of Jasper, but Freebird is not the greatest song in the world, sorry. Some of my favorite bands are Tool, A perfect circle, Avenged sevenfold, Hatebreed, Misfits, etc..... You get the point.

Imports rule, if you disagree with this your just jealous that imports are making more power then your daddy's chevy with less cylinders to boot. Unfortunatly I don't have a car yet, I don't get it till I get a job. So if anyone knows of anything TELL ME. I really need a job. That aside I try to help my friends with thier cars when I get a chance and I hope to own an import garage when I get out of College for Business Managment and Custom Car fabrication. Double Major, fun fun.On another note Anime Rules.

I go to Walker High school. It, like most of Jasper sucks. I am in the honors program and I hate it. But my parents force me. Oh well. That is about it, now ya know me.

P.S. Don't you love how they always take the picture when you look like a retard, yeah the picture is rather embarrassing one of me. Don't I look like a DA? lol