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My Journal

Hey everyone this is my online journal. Not so much about my life as much as it is about my thoughts. Since you don't know the real me, give me the benefit of the doubt... I am rather philosophical (however you spell that) and quite funny at times. When I am around friends I am also very loud and outgoing. Ok that's enough background for now, I'll start posting.

By the way: For the most recent entries scroll to the end! Enjoy!

August 3rd- late

This is my first entry in my new online journal. Who wants to make a bet that no one cares? Who also wants to bet on what time it is? Whoever said 11:30 you win.... nothing because no one else is here. I bet no one will be here for a month and when they get here they will think 'what a waste' and go back to watching The Osbournes or Brendan Leonard Show, because that's what I would do. So since I have nothing better to do how 'bout I just talk about that, my favorite TV shows and what not.
My most favorite show is American Dreams on NBC. Sure it takes place in the 60's and has old music but you can look past all that and just stare at Will Estes (who plays JJ) all day. Granted his wardrobe is a litte... bad. But still I'm a 16 year old female... I like guys!
My second favorite is The Brendan Leonard Show (here after refered to as BLS) on ABC Family. TBLS is great. If you haven't seen it its basicly a bunch of 19 year old guys who do funny skits. Like a watered-down, very mild Jackass crossed with a truckload of cute funny guys. My favorite guy on there is Kevin Carlson (here after sometimes refered to as KC), if you have seen the show and know who I am talking about, he meets SEVERAL requirements of my ideal guy. Let's look at that now shall we?

My Ideal Guy
version 1

#1: Hair- my ideal guy has longer, kinda shaggy hair. Sometimes wavy. Usually I go for dark hair more than blonde, but there have been a few exceptions. So guys who meet this requirement(GWMTR): KC, Rob from The Osbournes, Robert from Rooney (its a band).
#2: Necklaces- my ideal guy wears necklaces. Not chains! Necklaces! Like shells, hemp, beaded (sorry if thats a little vague), anything that doesn't scream 'I wanna pretend I'm a pimp and I think chicks dig this 30 lb. chain!' yeah cause I don't. GWMTR: KC(again), Robbie Karver from TBLS, a guy who used to play hockey for our local Juniors team.
#3: Sports- my ideal guy is athletic. He plays rough contact sports and has a nice body, but doesn't have to spend all his spare time working out (since obviously there has to be time for me). Exceptable sports- Hockey (of course), football (although I would never watch the games because when it comes to football I have an attention problem), soccer (somewhat contacty, more exciting when played in the mud... shirtless... and my guy would have to be the goalie because i have a thing for goalies- this applies to hockey too). Basketball is not on this list because I now hate basketball and its incredably boring to watch, tennis is fun but only for playing with me because its not contacty enough and does not require a good physique. GWFTR: Ryan Turner and KC on TBLS (They both play soccer and I'm pretty sure hockey sometimes, Ryan has a nicer body though), any hot guy I've ever seen play hockey (there's about 4 of them and 2 are goalies although one is 10 years and 1 day older than me)
#4: Shoes- my ideal guy wears some cool sneaker or skater shoe, or sometimes no shoe at all (like KC). Not the latest color Adidas Superstar, or those plain basketball shoes that look like plastic slippers. NO. Like skater shoes or original looking sneakers, sometimes sandals, but not flip flops. I have a guy friend who wears flip flops and he's gay so... not that guy's who wear flip flops are gay, but they give ME the wrong impression. More like those tan leather sandals, never mind no one knows what I am talking about. GWMTR: KC (duh!), Rob from the Osbournes, Brendan Leonard (I don't think he's cute, I think he has nice shoes).

That's all I've got for now. Maybe I'll think of some more later. By the way some other TV shows I enjoy I didn't get to mention earlier: The Osbournes, Fraternity Life, Real World: Paris, CSI, and SNL. (I have a thing for 3 letter Shorthand words and MTV, wait that was another one)

Well its getting late, better get to bed.

August 4th- not quite as late

Today I realized I really am a little obsessed with BLS, my sister used to tell me I was and I was like "Not obsessed! I just like it alot!" But today I realized 'I AM obsessed' Not that its a bad thing. It gets my mind off hockey a little, well until they mention hockey on the show or show that da[m]n Canadian flag! (I like the flag! I want the flag!) I really have this weird Canadian thing. But I'll get back to that some other time. Right now I am going to list all the reasons I am obsessed with BLS. Here goes...

Proof I am Obsessed
version 1

#1- There was a new episode on today. I taped it, then rewatched it twice.
#2- I was fighting the strong urge to break into the 'Team Fresh' dance in the middle of the grocery store. At one time my arm was almost doing the first move, I was think 'I can't do this here! Stop arm, Stop!'
#3- When I passed the bacon in the grocery store I could hardly contain myself thinking of the 'Bacon Stand' skit. I was losing it right there in the meat section and my mom is like 'What is so funny?' All I could say was 'Bacon!' before I lost it again.
#4- The other day I bought a magazine, not because a girl from my favorite show was on the cover, not because my favorite actor was in it, not because there were a few other pics of peeps from my favorite show in it either, because there was one little pic of Brendan in it. well it was not that small but still, that was the reason I bought it... for Brendan.

That's all I got right now as far as obsesive actions. And that's my basic topic for today. Maybe I'll get on later and get back on the Canada topic.

See Ya! Sonny

August 8th- so late its early

Roller coasters. I used to hate them, well not hate, I just couldn't go on them. But that was after I went on Space Mountain at the young age of 10 having never been on a coaster before, and being forced to sit in the FRONT!! Then of course 4 years later I go on again, thinking it will be better. Honestly that ride is insane. So anyway, where this is going, today I went to Six Flags: Great America with a few of my friends. If you don't know what Great America is, its roller coasters- lots of them. So they take me to Six Flags and take me on Raging Bull and decide that we HAVE to sit in the FRONT ROW. Honestly I was scarred for life sitting in the front on Space Mountain. But seriously, it wasn't that bad aside from being in the front. I wouldn't go on Deja Vu, but waited in line with them because it would be boring waiting alone. Then me and one of my friends waited for and hour and a half while the other two went on Vertical Velocity. I did do Batman and that wasn't bad. Lastly we went on the new one, Superman Ultimate Flight. On this one they pull you up before you take off so that your back is to the track and your staring at the ground like your in flying position. I admit to being a wimp and closing my eyes most of the time but it was pretty cool being tipped like that. At first I was like 'I'm gonna barf all over those people below me' but once we started moving it was like 'Oh My God! This feels so cool!' I think I could handle other coasters, but I still have a fear of the indoor ones like Space Mountain. To resurrect a line from my past: "It scarred me for LIFE!"

See ya! Sonny

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