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It was a cool tuesday night in the city of oldsmar. The sky was filled with bright shining stars and the biggest fullest moon the people of oldsmar have ever seen. People were walking about but peacefully. Rachel, Meredith and I (Sami) were taking a walk after seeing a movie when we began to get hungry. "I could eat 122 sugar cookies," said Rachel, her stomach moaning of hungar(yes hungar.) "Look there's AppleBeas," spoke Meredith, "Let's go." We walked over to the door and decided to go to a different resterant because we had to wait 71 days for a table 'Well Then' I thought, "Let me go see if All the tables really are filled up," I said. I walked around to a window when my eyes saw them. I screamed, "NOOOO...polly's gone to the dark side." Rachel and Meredith came running. "What is it," they said gasping for breath. "Just look," I said still thinking I was seeing things. "OMG," shreaked Meredith. "Could it be," shouted rachel. "It's true," I said, "It's Polly and Joe together at the same booth in a resterant. "I knew Polly dreamt of him so much she just had to make her dreams come true," I said almost crying of glee(who says glee anymore anyway.) "She's too young for ALL of her dreams to come true," said rachel. (Wink wink, yes i know sick mind) We watched Polly and Joe as they sat in the same both ON A DATE! First they had salads. As they ate them they talked among them selves. When joe talked polly laughed or giggled sometimes blushing. (Joe wa telling her how pretty she was. (Like he said pretty, I'm jsut keeping this G here.) As the waiter came to the table, polly wiped her long black hair and smiled at joe before the waiter said "What more can I get for you two love birds." They went straight to desert, which just happened to be chocolate cake with duh duh duh FUDGE(Yeah I know and my point is.) A moment later after some more flirting the cake arrived. It was pure chocolate with a cherry and wiped cream. They took a few bites when Joe stuck his finger in the wipped cream and rubbed it so slowly onto polly's nose. She smiled pleased and joe took his cherrie from is chocolate cake and fed it so tenderly to Polly. Polly ate the cherry and continued with her cake. Eww lala Rahcel and I sang together. "Wow she's into him," said merebith. I saw them starting to get up and almost fell backwards. "There coming," I hissed. We ran away from the window just in time trying to get home before they saw us. I was almost there all I had to do was make a turn and they wouldn't be able to see me I was about to turn when I looked back for a split second and saw the two standing close in front of the resterant write before i made the turn.