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Katipuneros of Bulacan

Dr. Pio Valenzuela Y Alejandrino

  • born in Polo, Bulacan on July 11, 1869
  • fourth child of Capitan Municipal Francisco Valenzuela and Lorenza Alejandrino
  • had two sisters and two brothers: Agustina(1861), Severo(1865), Feliciana(1867), and Tomas(1871)
  • at age of six books and pencils were his toys
  • learned his first letters from Rafael Flores
  • studied in Colegio de San Juan de Letran
  • Licentiate in Medicine from UST
  • became a member of La Liga Filipina
  • he was sponsored by Teodoro Plata, Bonifacio's brother-in-law
  • joined the Katipunan together with Luciano de Guzman
  • he was 22 when he joined the Katipunan
  • fiscal of Supreme Council and physician of Katipunan
  • vice-president of Katipunan
  • first editor of the "Kalayaan", but later gave it to Jacinto
  • organized a branch of Katipunan in Polo, Bulacan
  • became the Fiscal and Surgeon General of the Katipunan
  • known as "Madlang-Away", because he was always ready for brawl
  • together with Bonifacio and Jacinto they formed the Kataastaasang Tatlo
  • he was the one who talked to Rizal in Dapitan
  • was captured and was sent to Bilibid Prison then later Fort Santiago
  • was convicted of Life imprisonment in exile
  • was married to Marciana de Castro Valenzuela
  • April 6, 1956 he died at the age of 87

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General Eusebio Roque

  • "Maestrong Sebio"
  • codename:"Dimabunggo"
  • known as the " Katipunan's Merchant of Valor "
  • leader of Republic of Kakarong De Sili
  • presided over the Katipunan community of Balangay Dimasalang
  • Estrella claimed that Maestrong Sebio awards amulet, and the recipient will be protected by harm.
  • these amulets became a big controversy with the Magdalo Faction
  • he founded the camp of Kakarong with Felipe Estrella
  • Kakarong became known for its military strength but later, was discovered by the Spaniards
  • he managed to escape the Kakarong Massacre but was soon captured
  • elbows tied behind him he was marched into the town of Bulacan and was interrogated
  • was found guilty of rebellion and was ordered a judicial murder via a firing squad

Anacleto Enriquez (1876-1896)

  • born on Septembre 25, 1876 in Bulacan, Bulacan
  • his parents were Vicente de Jesus Enriqueza and Petrona Gatmaitan Sepulvida-Fernando
  • studied at Ateneo
  • was not able to finish the last year of his career at Baccaulaureate because of joining at the revolution
  • joined Katipunan with his brother Vicente on July 1892 in Manila
  • became a member of the "Sangguniang Apuy"
  • became the second in command under Gen. Isidoro Torres in Masukol
  • they, together with Doroteo Karagdag, formed the "Balangay Uliran"
  • 20 years old when he was given the rank of a general
  • was inspired by Jose Rizal
  • their house was used as venue for meetings
  • became famous for being a sharpshooter, for being brave, and for being witty in front of the enemies
  • died at the battle of San Rafael on November, 1896

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