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Whitney & Marissa's Page

hey! i'm whitney, i just turned 19 on march 31st, i live in iowa, and i just gave birth to my first child, my baby girl, marissa, on march 17th of this year. i'm currently finishing my last 2 classes to get my high school diploma, and plan to start college this august. i'm not with the father as of now, but we'll see how things go down the line.

marissa brynn was born on wednesday, march 17th, 2004 (also st. patrick's day) at 1:40pm. she was 6 lbs. 6 oz. and 20 inches long. she was born with a head of dark brown hair, and also born with brown eyes (most babies are born with blue, but she had brown!). i was originally thinking about adoption while i was pregnant with her, but decided i couldn't do it when i had spent 2 days with her after birth. she's too precious :)


this is marissa at 2 days old

i'll be back later to add more updated pictures when i get them :)