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Oranges for Sale

Oranges for Sale!

Se Vende Naranjas
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Mexicanos in la computadoras!

Hi! I'm Juan and this is my website. Yes Mexicans have computers. The main reason I put this website up is to sell my produce. Like oranges, strawberries, Floweres, etc. It is also here for other stuff too. Enjoy!


Sorry I haven't updated this in a while. I gotten lazy. Well more stuff has happen and I have more stuff to talk about. Like the thing that.... or the.... and then theres... Ok Ok so i can't think of anything yet.

Harmonic Who?

About six years ago Brad Hill and I started a band. Here the origin of the our band at my new page. Find out everything about the band as I take you on a behind the music of Harmonic Youth. The truth behind the best guitar-harmonica band in town. Harmonic Youth

Click Here for Something Corporate official site
Something Corporate

Check this out guys, a new contests. Win a free compilation album. Just click on the little icon with the shapes.

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