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Harmonic Youth

About six years ago a man by the name of Brad Hill and Juan Gutierrez started a band named "Los Jalepenos." We were soon to discover a band in Mexico was named that already. So we changed it to Harmonic Youth. With our new found name we were ready to write some songs.

About 5 years and a 9 months later we had 5 good solid songs that you can dance to. We were ready to peform but all we needed was a place to peform. I had previously had sponsored a concert. "Juan Fiesta" were local bands Lester and Last Impression played. It was a succesful show. I felt it was time for a second one. All we needed was a date.

Brad one day came up to me and told me to set a date and after maybe a couple of seconds we decided on Septmeber 28, 2002. Now we needed some other bands to complete the show. We called on Lester to play once more and another local band named Choad Effect, and just like that THE SECOND ANNUAL JUAN FIESTA was on.

Then came the day of the show. We were first up and to sound like I'm full of my self but we rocked. Then veteran band to the JUAN FIESTA, Lester went up and they also rocked. Then as soon as they finished there set the cops showed up and stop the concert (fat bastard). Choad Effect never got to play. So what do we do now?

THE SECOND ANNUAL JUAN FIESTA CONTINUED well commense soon. Featuring Choad Effect, Harmonic Youth and Lester. The concert will be located somewhere new so keep look out for the info.

Harmonic Youth:

instruments : harmonica, guitar, keyboard (Joe 2)

songs: Whatever, Cold Water, Heaven or Hell, Oh Baby Ba, Sam I Am

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