Hello, My name is Sonny O'Haver. I'm 41 years old and live in Garrett County, MD.

My hobbies include collecting key chains, searching for cemeteries, genealogy, Gormania, WV history, and working on web pages.

I started working on my genealogy in 97-98 when I joined the Garrett County E-mail list and saw that someone was looking for Isaac and Ida (O'Haver) King from the Gormania Area.

Learning later that the Kings were my Great Aunt and Uncle from a cousin O'Haver that I met in 1998 over the phone asking for information which happen to include the Kings. Small world out there.

I started working on Gormania history in 96-97 when my sister and I took over as historians for the Gormania United Methodist Church and the information that was written down was written like it was guessed at.. So We Started to "dig" for information and photos, and came up with some pretty neat facts and a good history lesson of the town and its three churches.

In 97-98 I started my first webpage The History of Gormania Wv on an old PC running Win 3.1.
I taught myself how to do some HTML (not an expert) from then on I have been enjoying making pages Including my newest one The O'Haver Times. My Family website which is up and running but still being worked on.

Now I have the new task of keeping the Garrett County, Maryland Genealogy Research Site up to date.. If You Have a Suggestion, Addition, or Correction Please do not be afraid to contact me at . Just please add a Good subject line so it does not get deleted as junk mail. Thanks you!

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