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About Me...

Hi, and welcome to my little "Home" here on the Net! For starters, my name is Anne and I live in South East Michigan. I am 22 yrs. old, and a full time college Student. Right now I am finishing my general education classes, and I am hoping to go to EMU next fall. I would like to major in Human Resources Management because, let's face it, 99% of companies out there need a HR Rep. Plus, I think it would be fun & not stressful! But of course I still hope to win the lottery in the next year, so instead of cramming useless information into my head- the rest of my life can be spent on the beach, drinking margaritas!

Social Life...

Well, you probably wouldn't consider this a social life, but here goes...I have two close friends that have remained since I was 9 yrs. old (Amber & Kristin). Me and Amber hang out when we can, but it's difficult since she goes to school in another State- so we make the most of it when we can get together. Kristin and I hang out once in a while, but that is proving to be difficult as well, since she is a "mom". (So needless to say, we can't really make last minute plans- everything has to be planned a few days in advance). And then there is my boyfriend, Eric, which we have been dating off and on for the last 6 1/2 years (living together for the last 2 1/2 years). He is great, and most of our time is spent together, seeing as we share a lot of the same interests.

Hobbies & Interests...

Whenever I can, most of the spring & summer months are spent Up North, at Hubbard Lake(near Alpena). My parents have a house on the lake, so we are never short of things to do. I like to go swimming, knee boarding, tubing, water skiing, and canoeing down the Thunder Bay River. In the fall, Eric and I spend our time at my parents hunting cabin in Caledonia(on a 40 acre parcel), where we take our shot at hunting. I haven't got a deer yet, but Eric got a Doe last year. To be honest, I don't even know if I could shoot a deer, since I have a hard time killing flies- except mosquitos! But I really enjoy sitting in my tree stand, just listening to nature, and taking pictures of wildlife. Photography, that's another interest of mine, I won't say I'm any good at it, but I love taking pictures! As for the winter, most of my time is spent bundled up in the house- wishing I was living in Florida. Although I do have a snowboard I got last year, which is a blast, I would do it more often if I didn't kill my tail bone everytime from whipping out!

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