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Northern Michigan Photos

4th of July @ the sandbar. (figures I volunteer to take the pic, so I'm not in it)

Sunset on Hubbard Lake

The Lake House

Thunder Bay River, on our canoe trip.

The Ausable River, from a roadside park.

The Loud Dam Bridge, South of Glennie.

Lower Tequamenon Falls (I would love to show you pics of the upper falls, but it was too dark out by the time we hiked the trail)

Next to our 40 acre parcel, our neighbors did some massive timber cuts to make extra profit before selling their land.(this is my artistic view of man's destruction)

The Highway, on our way up north (after getting a flat tire..LOL!)

Me @ the ausable river roadside park

Me and Katie having a "go" at tubeing.

Me & Katie, giving "crash & burn" a new meaning!

Me, floating in the water- after haveing my a** handed to me!

Me, chilling out @ Taquaminon Falls

Me & Gail (pic taken from treestand)

An Elk in a glass case in Atlanta, MI (kinda freaky isn't it!)

Eric & Dave rough houseing on the tubes.

Eric, haveing fun with his beer & cigar, floating down the river.

Eric's brother, Chris, running up the sand dune.

Farmers hopeing to strike it rich, with an oil rig.

A horse we met, on the way to the hunting cabin.

Part of the Load Dam water duct.

Funny sign, next to the dam.

A flying squirel outside the hunting cabin

Eric @ tequaminon falls.

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