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Photos of Me & Eric

Me and Eric @ a bar in Memphis.

Me and Eric @ his Mom's yearly pig roast.

Me & Eric @ King's Dominion in 2002. (is it just me, or am I at a complete left angle!)

Me and Eric @ VA Beach.

Me @ the beach.

Me on the Lifeguard Tower (hey, I'm not a complete poser, I am lifeguard/cpr/first aid certified!)

Me, sitting on the porch (back when we lived in VA).

Me and Eric (gotta love the uniform!).

Eric, looking good as always, on the beach.

Can you tell we've been drinking!?(here I am trying to shove a beer in Eric's face!)

As the night continues we end up with "perma-grin" LoL!.

Me and Eric poseing for the camera.

Eric, stopping to smile for the camera.

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