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Dreams of a Cat and a Wolf

Chapter 9: Drowning

By Andrea McPherren


He was going to get it. And get it good. Katherine crossed her arms over her chest as she stared at Billy, who was gracefully draped over the keyboard and desk in his quarters.

She had given him a fifteen minute speech on how important sleep was. But he had obviously chosen not to listen.

“Billy Cranston!” Kat said loudly. Billy jolted awake.

“Oh, hey Kat, what time is it?” Billy asked.

“It doesn’t matter, because you are going to sleep,” Kat said.

“I can’t, I have to work on another regenerator and find a way to turn the world back. Besides, I can’t sleep, because I’m sure that Rita and Zedd will be sending a monster,” Billy said.

“And if they do, you will go fight it. But otherwise, you are going to sleep, because I want you to be well rested. I don’t want anything to happen to you,” Kat said, as she almost melted when he wrapped his arms around her.

‘Damn, I’m supposed to be mad at him,’ Kat thought to herself.

“I’m going to be fine,” Billy reassured her.

“I find it impossible to stay angry with you,” Kat said.

“Lucky me,” Billy replied, as he kissed her.

“Bed,” Kat ordered. Billy frowned, but obeyed. And as Kat had suspected, he was asleep the minute his head hit the pillow.


“Zeddy, we should send a monster or something. The fish rangers went home to rehydrate, so the only defense they have is the blue ranger,” Rita said.

“I will be taking care of the monster situation. The blue ranger must pay and I plan on making sure he does,” Vile said.


“Zordon, I made Billy go back to bed. I think he was up all night,” Kat informed.


“He just wants to help everyone else so much that he forgets about himself,” Kat replied.

“That’s why Billy is lucky to have someone like you, who cares about him so much,” Alpha said.

“Thanks Alpha,” Kat replied.

“Is there anything I can do to help you?” Kat asked.

“Hmm...I don’t think so. We are still scanning for a way to turn the earth back. And the supplies that we need to begin building another regenerator are at Billy’s lab,” Alpha said.

“Well, maybe I can go get the stuff you need,” Kat said.

“Aye yi yi, Billy would fry my circuits if I let you leave the command center unprotected. That’s just what Vile is waiting for,” Alpha said. Kat sighed.

“I guess you’re right, but as soon as he gets up, he is going to take me out to get some fresh air,” Kat said. She smiled, as she thought of what his response would be. He would ask her if she planned on making sure he got absolutely nothing done today. And then she would respond with a kiss, and he would forget about anything but her.

About two hours later, around 10 am, Billy came out into the main chamber. His hair looked damp and he was dressed in a grayish blue muscle shirt and jeans.

“Now don’t you feel better now that you’ve slept,” Kat said?

“Yes, thank you,” Billy said, as he pecked her on the lips.

“For what?” she inquired.

“For caring enough to bop me on the head when I’m overworking myself,” Billy said. Kat smiled and kissed him again.

“I’m going to head to my lab. I think I have an idea on how to simulate pure Aquitian waters, which can help rehydrate the Aquitians,” Billy said.

“I’m coming with you and before you say it, I promise that if we come upon any trouble, I will teleport right back here,” Kat said.

“Okay, I guess I can’t ask you to stay inside all day,” Billy replied.

“Not with the beautiful weather we’re having,” Kat replied, as she took his hand and they teleported to Billy’s lab.

Billy grabbed some equipment and then he and Kat headed to the park.

Don't pretend you're sorry
I know you're not
You know you got the power
To make me weak inside
Girl you leave me breathless
But it's okay 'cause
You are my survival
Now hear me say
I can't imagine life
Without your love
Even forever don't seem
Like long enough

“Enjoy your time with her blue ranger, because soon she will be mine again. And this time, forever,” Vile said, as he watched the couple.

“Are you still obsessed with that stupid human girl?” Rita asked.

“Quiet down Rita,” Vile said to his daughter, as she looked into the Repulsascope.

“Zeddy! That blue brat is trying to build a device to rehydrate those stupid fish rangers!” Rita growled.

“We’ll just have to put a stop to that,” Zedd replied.

“Hold on Zedd, I think I have a better idea,” Vile said. Zedd wanted to object, but decided to save his breath.

“What is it daddy?” Rita asked.

“Let Billy build his device. While he is doing that, I will create a barrier around Aquitar preventing all communication and teleportation to and from Aquitar. Then we will attack and Billy will have to shoulder the whole attack. And this will be his final battle, for my monsters will eliminate him,” Vile said.

“That’s absolutely brilliant!” Rita said.

“I must say it’s surprisingly good,” Zedd replied, with a grumble.


“So the DragonZord and the Tyrannosaurs were completely out of control. I built this device that was supposed to reverse the effects of Zedd’s monster. After slaving over it for hours, it was finally ready and Trini and I arrived on the battlefield. I set it down and flipped the on switch. And nothing happened. I kept trying to figure out what I had done wrong, trying to think of what intricate detail I left out, and do you know what I did?” Billy asked.

“What?” Kat asked intently.

“I had the batteries in backwards,” Billy said. Kat burst out laughing.

“You? Mister super genius?” Kat asked, between giggles.

“Yep, I really felt smart that day,” Billy replied. Kat hugged his arm as they continued to walk.

'Cause everytime I breathe
I take you in
And my heart beats again
Baby I can't help it
You keep me
Drowning in your love
Everytime I try to rise above
I'm swept away by love
Baby I can't help it
You keep me
Drowning in your love

“What about you? You never talk about your life in Australia,” Billy said.

“Well, there’s not much to tell. Before I moved here with my parents, I was a diver,” Kat said.

“You never told me that? Did you compete?” Billy asked.

“Yes, in fact, I was on my way to the Pan Globals,” Kat said, with a hint of disappointment.

“What happened?” Billy asked gently.

“It was the championships and I was up next. I had done this dive a million times perfectly. I don’t know if I was just over confidant or if I lost concentration, but I slipped and hit my head on the board. When I woke up in the hospital, they told me that I had lost the meet by a half a point,” Kat said.

“Man, that’s rough. But why don’t you join the diving team at school? I here they’re pretty good,” Billy said.

“No, I think I’m done with diving,” Kat replied. Billy shrugged his shoulders.

“What about you? Why don’t you compete in gymnastics like Kim? She told me that you’re really good,” Kat said. Billy shrugged again.

“I guess I just don’t have the same passion that Kim has for it. I used to compete, before my mother died. She used to love watching me,” Billy said, as he remembered.

“When did she die?” Kat asked tenderly.

“When I was twelve. Because I was so accelerated in learning, and because of my state championship, I was going to be a competitor in the junior Olympics. But then she was killed, and I quit. A few months later, my dad and I moved to Angel Grove and I was tormented by kids because I was smart. But then I met Jason, Kim, Trini, and Zack and things weren’t so bad. Then of course, when we were fourteen, we met Zordon and became the power rangers,” Billy said.

“I’m sorry, I can’t imagine what it would be like to lose my mother,” Kat replied.

“I miss her, but it’s okay. Everything turned out great, because I met you, and I know that if my mother was still alive, she would love you almost as much as I do,” Billy replied, as they stopped and sat down on a bench. Kat kissed him and he began working on his atmospheric generator, which would help him simulate Aquitian water.

Maybe I'm a drifter
Late at night
'Cause I long for the safety
Of flowing freely
In your arms
I don't need another lover
It's not for me
'Cause only you can save me
Oh can't you see
I can't imagine life
Without your love
And even forever don't seem
Like long enough

“There,” Billy said, as he made the last adjustment. “Now we just have to wait for it to collect enough of our atmospheric air and then wait while it converts it into Aquitian air. After that, I can take the results and build another device, which can cleanse our water into suitable water for the Aquitian water,” Billy explained.

“That will solve one of our problems,” Kat said. Billy nodded.

“So what could we possibly do while we’re waiting?” Kat said, as she scooted closer to him, and began nibbling on his neck.

“Mmmm...I think this could definitely drive me to distraction,” Billy said, as he tangled his fingers in her hair.

'Cause everytime I breathe
I take you in
And my heart beats again
Baby I can't help it
You keep me
Drowning in your love
Everytime I try to rise above
I'm swept away by love
Baby I can't help it
You keep me
Drowning in your love

“Boy you two certainly look like you’re working hard,” young Tommy said with amusement. Kat and Billy nearly jumped out of their skin, as Tommy and the others startled them.

“Hey guys,” Billy said.

“So this is what you guys have been doing,” Rocky teased.

“Get lost shrimp,” Kat said.

“Even though you guys don’t believe that we’ve been working, we have. This device is collecting data so I can create water similar to Aquitar’s,” Billy explained.

“Did you put the batteries in right?” Tommy teased. Billy gave him a glare.

“You might want to follow Rocky and get lost,” Billy told him. The young rangers giggled. But their day was interrupted by a hoard of Tengus.

“Alpha, I need you to teleport Kat and the others to the command center,” Billy said into his communicator.

“Right away Billy,” Alpha replied.

“Be careful,” Kat said, as she kissed him quickly before she was teleported away.

“Blue Ranger Power!” Billy called, as he began to fight the Tengus. Katherine and the others watched intently from the command center.


“Time to send Globber monster. Billy will be overwhelmed and Zordon will try to teleport the Aquitian rangers to Earth, but they will get a big surprise,” Vile said, with an evil cackle.

“Rito, Goldar, get in here!” Vile said.

“What’s up pops?” Rito asked.

“This is a map of the pathways underneath the command center. I want you and Goldar to go and plant an implosion device underneath the main chamber,” Vile said.

“Ooh yea! We’re going to blow up the power rangers!” Rito said, as he and Goldar took off.


Billy fought off the Tengus and was doing well, when Vile’s Globber monster appeared.

“Hello blue ranger, it’s time for your demise,” The Globber said.

“We’ll see about that ugly,” Billy said, as he charged


“Zordon, Billy can’t handle the Globber monster on his own,” Kat said in a worried tone.


“Right away Zordon,” Alpha said.

“Zord...on...we...un..ble...to...port...” was all Alpha could get from Aquitar.

“Aye yi yi, Master Vile has encased Aquitar in a barrier. We can’t get clear communication or teleportation with the planet,” Alpha reported.

“That means Billy is on his own,” Tommy said.

“We have to do something,” Kim said. Kat remained quiet, as she watched Billy fight on the viewing globe.


The Globber monster began to use his powers to suck the blue ranger’s powers up for his own.

“Blue Metallic Armor, power up!” Billy called. The armor helped slightly, but the monster kept eating his powers.

“Zordon, I need the Aquitian rangers!” Billy called into his communicator.



Upon arriving in the power chamber, Billy’s knees buckled and he fell to them. His chest heaved, as he tried to catch his breath. Kat rushed to his side and removed his helmet so he could get air better.

“I’m okay,” Billy assured her.

“Vile has encased Aquitar in a barrier; we can’t teleport them to Earth,” Tommy said gravely.

“Perfect,” Billy said sarcastically. Suddenly, Vile appeared on the viewing screen.

“Hello powerless rangers. I just wanted to let you know that your next battle with my Globber monster will be your last. And then Katherine will be mine, so enjoy the little time that you have left in your life blue ranger,” Vile said, before his image disappeared.

“We’ve got to find a way to break the barrier around Aquitar,” young Adam said.

“I will begin working on that,” Alpha said.

“RANGERS, YOUR PARENTS WILL WORRY, SO IT IS BEST THAT YOU GO HOME FOR THE NIGHT. BILLY, I THINK IT IS BEST THAT YOU REST FOR THE NIGHT. YOUR BATTLE WITH THE GLOBBER MONSTER TOOK ITS TOLL,” Zordon said. Billy nodded. The young rangers teleported to their homes, while Kat helped Billy into his quarters.


“I’m fine, really,” Billy said.

“I know, I was just so worried. You could have been seriously hurt,” Kat said.

“But I wasn’t, that’s the important thing,” Billy replied.

“I know, but I just couldn’t handle losing you,” Kat said.

“You’re not going to lose me. Now, how about we get back to where we left off in the park,” Billy said slyly. Kat smiled as his lips claimed hers with a heated passion. The two lovers curled up together, as they felt sleep begin to take over.

Go on and pull me under
Cover me with dreams, yeah
Love me mouth to mouth now
You know I can't resist
'Cause you're the air
That I breathe

Everytime I breathe
I take you in
And my heart beats again
Baby I can't help it
You keep me
Drowning in your love
Everytime I try to rise above
I'm swept away by love
And baby I can't help it
You keep me
Drowning your love

“Goodnight wolf boy,” Kat whispered, as she snuggled deeper into his embrace.

“Goodnight angel girl,” Billy replied, as he tightened his hold and drifted off to sleep.

Baby I can't help it
Keep me drowning
In your love
I keep drowning
In your love
Baby I can't help it
Can't help it no, no

'Cause everytime I breathe
I take you in
And my heart beats again
Baby I can't help it
You keep me
Drowning in your love
Everytime I try to rise above
I'm swept away by love
Baby I can't help it
You keep me
Drowning in your love

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