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Dreams of a Cat and a Wolf

Chapter 4: For All Time

By Andrea McPherren


The next day passed quickly for the rangers and they managed to fend off another monster attack. They were successful, but it was getting harder and harder with only five rangers.

“Rita, why are the blue ranger’s vital signs still strengthening?” Zedd yelled.

“I don’t know Zeddy, but maybe we should get rid of him before he wakes up somehow,” Rita said.

“Yes, we will toss him into the sea of sorrows with Ninjor at tomorrow at dusk when the tide comes in,” Zedd replied.

“Excellent idea Zeddykins!” Rita said.


Billy pondered his thoughts since there wasn’t much else he could do. Though he was feeling rather energetic, whereas a few days ago he felt very weak. He could feel the energy leaving his body and being given to Zedd. But another type of energy was being fed to his body and it was strongest when...

Billy’s thoughts stopped there when he realized that this certain energy feed was strongest when he and Kat were together.

“Could there be a connection? he wondered.

Could their love energy be what’s making him stronger? And if so, could he wake up without the help of his power coin? Those questions floated in his mind. But soon he found his mind drifting back to Katherine’s lovely silhouette. The thought of her made his cheeks burn. He could almost smell her sweet scent and feel her soft skin. But what was more amazing to him, was the fact that she felt for him what he felt for her. Pure, unconditional love. Something the young genius thought he would never find. He had had a few love interests in the past, but nothing like what he and Kat shared. He laid back and waited till the moment when he and Katherine could see each other again.

You’ve been the first in my life

Who has ever made me feel this way

And I will not deny

I’m gonna need you right here by my side


Kat had convinced her mother to let her stay home from school that day. She had over heard Zedd and Rita’s plan, and there was no way she was going to let them get away with it. Kat let herself fall back asleep. Her need to sleep had become overwhelming. She was sure it was because of the connection that she and Billy shared, which was another reason that she had to get the blue power coin. But something Zedd had mentioned intrigued her. He said that Billy should be getting weaker, but he was getting stronger. Could there be a connection? She pondered that thought as sleep took over.

{Baby, I can’t wait}

Come right over here and let me lead the way

{Let me take your breath away}

By holdin’ you, kissin’ you, lovin’ you, touchin’ you


The rangers were rudely awakened by an early morning monster attack. Adam’s rewiring of the Shogun zords was pretty shaky and the rangers weren’t in full control of them yet. The rangers were having trouble keeping the Megazord under control.

“Damn it! What the hell is going on?” Tommy cursed.

“I’m sorry guys, I don’t know why we’re having so much trouble,” Adam said.

The rangers continued to battle with the monster, but were getting no where.


“Billy?” Kat called.

“Skipping school are we?” Billy asked playfully.

“Only for you,” Kat replied, as they embraced with a passionate kiss.

{Never will be too late}

To see myself through your eyes

{Baby, I can’t wait}

Until the day I hear you say

You are mine

There’s no other one for me

Keep in mind

You make my life complete

“Billy, how am I going to get you out of here?” Kat asked.

“Transform into your cat form and wait for Rita to let her guard down,” Billy said.

“Then, I’ll snatch the coin from her hand! Do you think it will work?” Kat asked.

“I know it will,” Billy replied, as he kissed her again.

“Rita and Zedd plan on casting you and Ninjor into the sea of sorrows at dusk. They’re scared, because somehow your vital signs are strengthening. Do you think it has anything to do with us?” Kat asked.

“I think so, and I also think that in time our love energy would have been enough to revive me, but Zedd and Rita aren’t going to allow us the time,” Billy replied.

“Rita’s spell is for the most part gone, except I still have a small connection to her. Sometimes I can hear some of her thoughts,” Kat said.

“I’m sure that will continue to fade in time,” Billy reassured.

“Yea, except my abilities to turn into a cat are permanent Billy. Rita said so herself, I have to live with it for the rest of my life,” Kat said, as she bowed her head. Billy lifted her chin up.

“Do you honestly think that something like that is going to change the way that I feel about you? Of course not Kat, I love you, and nothing can change that,” Billy said. Kat hugged him tightly and captured her his lips in an intense kiss. Billy pulled her against his chest, deepening the kiss. They held each other for a while longer, before it began to get hazy around them.

And tonight

We’ll make love endlessly

‘Cause you’re mine

You’re the one that I’ll keep for all time

“Next time we meet, it we’ll both be awake,” Kat promised.

“I know you’ll succeed and save us both,” Billy replied. The two lovers kissed again, before they lost sight of each other.

Now that you’re here, boy

I’m never gonna let you go

Can I touch you there, oh

Do you mind if we kiss real slow

You’re my everything {Everything}

You’re my hopes and dreams {Hopes and dreams}

Baby, you know it ain’t no lie

I’m gonna be with you till the day that I die


The early morning battle with the monster had become a stalemate, which resulted in both sides pulling back. Now, Zedd had again launched the monster and the rangers were in battle once again. The ground battle had been going well, and the rangers called the power cannon to eliminate the menace. But Zedd managed to save enough of his monster, as he once again enlarged his monster to city-sized proportions. The rangers wearily called the Shogun Zords, hoping that they could keep them stable well enough to destroy the monster. But things were not looking good for the power rangers. Tommy commanded a retreat and the rangers teleported back to the command center to try and figure out a different course of action.


Kat woke up from the dream. Her purpose and mission were clear in her mind, as she dressed and teleported to the moon palace. She would free her wolf no matter what it took. And then she and Billy would be free of Rita and Zedd’s control.

Kat padded into the throne room in her cat form quietly. Rita and Zedd were busy watching the battle between the rangers and their monster.

“The rangers are loosing control of the zords!” Zedd said happily.

“Yes, and without their precious blue ranger to fix the problem, they’re doomed!” Rita said, as she held up the stolen blue coin. Kat knew a chance like this would never come again. With a sharp meow, she knocked the coin out of Rita’s hand. Acting quickly, she transformed back into her human form and grasped the coin.

“NO! Goldar, Rito! Get her!” Rita screamed. Kat sprinted off into the corridors of the palace, frantically searching for Billy. But Rito and Goldar were hot on her trail.

Billy opened his eyes for the first time in weeks.

“She did it,” Billy said with a smile. Suddenly, her heard Kat’s sweet voice calling for him. Billy rushed to the cell bars, but cursed when he found that the cell was locked.

“Kat! I’m here Kat!” Billy called. Kat heard his voice and followed it to him.

“Billy!” Kat cried happily. Billy smiled, as she rushed toward him.

“Naughty kitty Kat, you really shouldn’t be such a bad kitty,” Rito taunted.

“Here Billy,” Kat said, as she placed the coin in his hand. The blue energy surged through his body. Rito and Goldar latched onto Katherine and restrained her.

“Billy!” Kat cried. She had saved him and now it was his turn to save her.

“Blue Ranger Power!” Billy called. He used his blade blaster to melt the lock and escape. Billy delivered a flying kick to Rito and a double roundhouse to Goldar, thus releasing Kat. Billy latched onto her hand and pulled her to him.

“Come on, it’s time for us to get out of here,” Billy said, as he put his hand to his belt and initiated the teleportation sequence. Billy and Kat teleported away in a stream of blue and white light.

{Baby, I can’t wait}

Come right over here and let me lead the way

{Let me take your breath away}

By holdin’ you, kissin’ you, lovin’ you, touchin’ you

{Never will be too late}

To see myself through your eyes

{Baby, I can’t wait}

No, no Till the day I hear you say

You are mine

There’s no other one for me

Keep in mind (Keep in mind)

You make my life complete


“Man, what are we going to do?!” Rocky yelled.

“I don’t know, but we need to figure out something before that monster rips Angel Grove apart,” Tommy said. As if their prayers had been answered, Billy and Kat arrived in the power chamber. Billy removed his helmet and rather enjoyed the surprised looks on his friend’s faces.

“Hey guys,” Billy said, with a smile.

“Billy?! But how?!” Kim said.

“And Kat?!” Aisha said.

“It’s a long story, but first we need to take care of that monster,” Billy said.

“Right, I hope you can get the Shogun Zords under control Billy,” Tommy said.

Billy nodded.

“Be careful,” Kat said, as she pecked Billy on the lips. Billy turned red since he wasn’t used to affectionate displays in public.

“You have a lot of explaining to do,” Kim chided.

“Back to action!” Tommy called.


“We need Shogun Zord Power now!” they called in unison.

“Black Shogun Zord, power up!” called Adam.

“Blue Shogun Zord, power up!” called Billy.

“Yellow Shogun Zord, power up!” Aisha called.

“Red Shogun Zord, power up!” Rocky called.

“White Shogun Zord, power up!” Tommy and Kimberly called. The Shogun zords came together to form the Shogun Megazord.

“Billy, do you think you can give us complete control?” Tommy asked.

Billy was silent as he opened the control panel.

“Give me a minute,” Billy said as he made the necessary adjustments and closed the panel.

“You made that look easy. I’ve been pulling my hair out for days,” Adam said. Billy only chuckled, as the Shogun Megazord went into battle. With their renewed confidence and full control, the rangers disposed of Zedd’s latest monster in no time. The rangers cheered at their victory and teleported back to the command center.


“I don’t believe this! How did this happen?!” Zedd yelled.

“That traitorous Kitty Kat will pay for betraying me!” Rita yelled.

“But we still have the Falconzord and Ninjor!” Goldar reminded.

“You’re right Goldar, we’re not defeated yet. Not by a long shot,” Zedd stated.

“Those rainbow colored rejects and little kitty will pay!” Rita cackled.

“And then the earth will be ours for the taking!” Zedd ranted.


The rangers arrived back at the command center and de-morphed. All eyes now rested on Kat and Billy, who were comfortably nestled in each other’s arms.

“Did we miss something?” Aisha asked. Kat and Billy exchanged glances, as Billy began their story. When he was finished, the other ranger’s could only stare at them in awe.

“So, you stole Billy’s coin and then you met him inside a dream void?” Adam asked.

“Yes, and that’s where Billy and I fell in love and I slowly broke Rita’s spell,” Kat said.

And tonight

We’ll make love endlessly

‘Cause you’re mine

You’re the one that I’ll keep for all time

I can’t wait till the day

When I’ll hear you say

You’re the one that I need

You’re the one that I’ll keep for all time

“You two are so cute together,” Kim said.

“Yea and what a romantic story,” Aisha swooned.

“Please, I’m trying to keep my lunch down,” Rocky joked, which earned him a gut punch from Aisha.

“Here Kat, I want you to wear this,” Billy said, as he handed her a communicator.

“What for?” she asked.

“Zedd and Rita are going to be after you and since you don’t have powers, I want you to be able to come here when we go into battle. I don’t want anything to happen to you,” Billy said. Kat smiled and kissed his cheek, making Billy blush again.

“Come on, let’s go to the youth center and relax,” Tommy said.

“I’m all about that,” Rocky replied. The others agreed, as the seven teens departed for the youth center to relax after their recent victory. But each of them knew that Zedd was far from done with them.

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