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Christmas 2007

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H A P P Y     H O L I D A Y S ! ! !

Chewbacca with his new toy

Chewbacca with his new Candy Cane rawhide that Santa brought him

So pretty!
Amber posing for the camera - this is when she started out with her red sweater and two red bows in her hair - watch through the pics as she don't stay that way!


Sabrina with her new Candy Cane rawhide toy


I think this just pretty much sums up how Amber felt on Christmas and with momma in her face with the camera all the time :)


Amber enjoying her rawhide candy cane from Santa


Chewbacca opening another Christmas gift with his blue bow in his hair.


Can you tell how happy Sabrina is with her present? Not so much. . .


Amber opening her other gift 'What are you doing mommy' - As you can see she now has ONE red bow in her hair and has lost the red sweater and is still in her pink undershirt (with flowers on it) though


Yeh - she LOVES this toy


Tabitha opening her gift


I've soiled myself from touching that gift and now must clean myself!


Lily getting her Christmas 'best side' taken. The chickens got shredded carrots and some biscuits for Christmas


Lyssa - as always staying away from me - she's shy


Chewbacca with the gift I gave him



Brina with her Tommy Hilfiger Beanie Lion I gave her (she loves beanies to nibble)

Sabrina, Chewbacca and Chris

I think they've had enough of Christmas :)

Amber with her gift I gave her - no more bows, but only pink shirt is left - shhh. . .


Actual snow on Christmas day!

If anyone is curious as to the breeds of the animals -
Amber is a PekaPooPom -
Sabrina is an Australian Shepherd -
Chewbacca is a Shih-Tzu - Tabitha is a Persian Mix -
The chickens are Buff Orpingtons :)

Also, I do have more of these photos - they are from my Webshots album. Ask me for the link.
They are pretty much just more of the same here though.