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Chewbacca - Bio Below

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Updated: March 4, 2009

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First Slideshow of Chewbacca.
These are the newest pics I've taken.


Hello! My name is Chewbacca. I am 7 months old now and I am looking for love --> For someone to keep up with me. I'm on the move constantly. I like to sleep on my back and I have my own pillow and a very special polar bear toy that I carry with me all over the house. I can't leave it in my bed all day because my bear loves to travel around the house with me. It gets lonely when I leave him in my room.
I love to give kisses and when I do I really lay them on. There can never be too many kisses in my opinion. Don't try to ignore me though - I can't stand it. If you try to read, play on the computer, whatever, I expect you to get off and give ME attention. If you don't be prepared for a temper tantrum. I will rip up anything I can get my hands on, or I will bark until I get my way.
I'm a very giggly happy go lucky fella. I'm black all over with long sexy lashes and a brown chest. I fear no one or nothing. I get along well with cats, dogs, and children. However I have one fault. I get travel sickness.
I have my eye on a beautiful gold woman that I'd really love to get to know better, but so far she's not so much interested. I'm going to keep trying though. I know she'll come around. I love to try to get her to play and I am hoping that soon she will!
I love to play and love to get into trouble - I keep everyone on their toes. Not one of the shy types I am always interested in meeting anyone and everyone.
I am very smart as well. As an educated man I already know 'Sit,' 'Lay Down,' 'Speak,' 'Come,' 'Inside' and 'Go Potty'

UPDATE : My lovely gold lady has finally come around and I can't stay away from her. I adore her too much. I love to rip off her clothes when her mommy tries to dress her. I love to throw her down and body slam her. I love chasing her around the house. She constantly laughs so I know she adores me too.

Click for 2nd Slideshow = Older pictures
These are just the older pics that I've moved so that you don't have to click through the older pics to get to the newer pics.

Christmas 2007 - pics
Images I took from Christmas 2007